A Christian Liberal Arts University, Est. 1846


Balanced Enrollment

43% of students are male;
57% of students are female

Student to Faculty Ratio

Student to faculty ratio of
13 students to 1 faculty member

Small Class Sizes

60% of classes have
fewer than 20 students

Success Rate

97% Employed or in Graduate
School within six months of graduation

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Research & Publications
Complex Symmetry of Truncated Composition Operators
Project Type: Directed

Project Contributors: Ruth Jansen, Rebecca K. Rousseau

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Extremely Low Earth Orbit Satellite - ELEOsat
Project Type: Directed

Project Contributors: Dan McClure, David Lew, Matt Orvis, Adam Kilmer, Jacob Baranowski, Paul Kuehl, Seth Foote, Kevin Seifert, Natalie Ramm, and Anthony Pollina
Directed Project Contributors: Dr. Hank Voss and Professor Jeff Dailey.
Each student, under faculty advising, takes full responsibility of his or her subsystem. Throughout the design and development process, students learned valuable skills, teamwork, and experience the end-to-end engineering process.

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Who We Are
A Gold cross with a U over it.

Taylor University, founded in 1846, is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana with students, faculty, and staff dedicated to living life together in a discipleship community.

We continually engage in campus and community activities including long-standing traditions, community outreach, athletics, wing events, and more. In addition, 80% of our students travel abroad and 97% are employed or in grad school within 6 months of graduation.

Explore our rigorous academic programs and active student life and if you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 800-882-3456.

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