Best in the Midwest

Ranked #1 Best Midwest College,
U.S. News & World Report

Success Rate

98% Employed or in Graduate
School within six months of graduation

Balanced Enrollment

46% of students are male;
54% of students are female

Student to Faculty Ratio

Student to faculty ratio of
13 students to 1 faculty member

Recent News
Senior Stories: History, Global & Political Studies

Apr 01, 2020

Students earning degrees in History, Global & Political Studies are academically well-rounded and gain experience to serve as lawyers, government off...

Engage With Scripture in a Whole New Way

Mar 31, 2020

What’s the difference between studying the Bible and engaging with it? With the Abide Bible, a project spearheaded by professors Dr. Phil Collins and ...

Taylor Student’s Positivity Makes National News

Mar 25, 2020

When the coronavirus began to spread across the globe, Taylor University called back students studying abroad for the semester in consideration of the...

Senior Stories: Exercise Science

Mar 19, 2020

At Taylor, we recognize the importance of maintaining the bodies we’ve been given. Students pursuing Health Sciences degrees can participate in local ...

Who We Are
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Taylor University, founded in 1846, is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana with students, faculty, and staff dedicated to living life together in a discipleship community.

We continually engage in campus and community activities including long-standing traditions, community outreach, athletics, wing events, and more. In addition, 80% of our students travel abroad and 98% are employed or in grad school within 6 months of graduation.

Explore our rigorous academic programs and active student life and if you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 800-882-3456.

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