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four students discussing Ethics Bowl response

Ethics Bowl 

Are you interested in debate, ethics, politics, culture-making, law, or philosophy? With the intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Team, students work together with teammates to prepare well-reasoned responses to challenging ethical cases drawn from contemporary culture.

Students gain valuable experience in ethical reasoning, debate, teamwork, and communication. After strategizing, practicing their cases, and doing mock debates, they compete with schools in the Midwest Regionals—including Big 10 teams and the best private universities. Taylor’s Ethics Bowl team makes Nationals almost every year, even winning the National Championship in 2015. 

The Ethics Bowl Team draws students from a wide range of majors, including:

Ethics Bowl is about more than competing and learning to think well about ethical challenges. As students sharpen each other in their work and strive toward a common goal, they find that their teammates have become friends who share similar interests. Students also learn to take their relationship with the Lord seriously, pairing excellence with kindness and respect, and learning to communicate conclusions with people who don’t share the same faith.

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Follow us on Instagram @tu_philosophy. If you’re interested in wrestling with culturally-relevant ethical cases and intercollegiate debate, let’s talk. 

Koert Verhagen

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion

  • PhD, University of St Andrews
  • MA, Theology, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  • BA, Philosophy, Taylor University
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