Single white chair alone in the middle of a studio.

Liberal Arts

Taylor University: A Liberal Arts College Experience

All university students find themselves in this chair—discovering what it takes to study their disciplines. Over the course of four years, each student encounters rigorous academics, professional faculty, and new community. And no matter which college you attend, liberal arts or Christian or neither, this could be your story.

Now, we know no two stories are exactly alike; but at Taylor, each student encounters the same biblical truths brought about by our Christian liberal arts education. The foundation, or core, of our education impresses the same principles upon each student—ethics, stewardship, faith, awareness, responsibility—all within a nondenominational, evangelical framework.

Whether you study business, science, art, or one of the humanities, Taylor University’s unique liberal arts curriculum provides a breadth of knowledge necessary for facing a shifting future and setting you up for a life of growth and success. Not only will you develop an understanding of your multifaceted discipline, but you will engage in cross-discipline conversation that will shape your perspectives on a life centered around our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Rooted in Faith and Learning

At Taylor, we seek to understand more about our Creator, His creation, and our place in His plan of redemption by infusing Christianity into every class.

Not only will all Taylor students take a series of classes devoted to learning about the Bible, Christian history, and Christian doctrine, they will see how God interacts with every discipline. Each student becomes a lifelong learner and a truth-seeker—striving for spiritual maturity, responsibility, stewardship of our gifts, and a Christ-like character as a professional.

A Foundational Core

These next four years are meant to be a transitional and enlightening time that will prepare you for the amazing 40 years that follow your college experience. Taylor’s Foundational Core curriculum is a key way that Taylor helps you succeed in the years to come. Through Taylor’s liberal arts classes, you will be challenged to develop a sense of purpose, pursue faith as your foundation of knowledge, and draw connections between your discipline and others.

The Foundational Core curriculum embodies the heart of Taylor’s desire to instill our students with a proficiency in various areas of study. The liberal arts classes in our Foundational Core allow you to build a “big picture” or holistic view of how each discipline depends on one another. Through courses in fine arts, spiritual development, communication, science, and other disciplines, our students connect their own majors to the world around them and begin to analyze global issues through a broad range of perspectives.

This coursework allows you to see that the elements of God’s world were not created in a vacuum; they are connected—with His presence and traits being what pervades through each. And when our students return as graduates, we want them to be able to articulate how their disciplines connect them with Christ and the world around them.

See our Foundational Core Curriculum Guide here.

The Value of Christian Liberal Arts

After four years of liberal arts and interdisciplinary classes, each student emerges as a diverse thinker, detailed analyzer, proficient communicator, and accomplished researcher—attaining the lifetime skills necessary to discuss life’s important questions, address human problems, push the limits on the human potential, and persevere with a sense of global responsibility.

Beyond graduation, we want our alumni to take their stories into their businesses, schools, organizations, and communities. We want them to develop further as servant leaders in their careers and callings. And we want them to use their Christian education to disciple others and share Christ’s redemptive love and truth with a world in need.

Because Taylor students embody these principles, they are sought after by both employers and graduate schools. With an overall placement rate of 98%, we believe our integrated approach to Christian Liberal Arts academics works.

Check out our four-year career placement rate by discipline and see for yourself: