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Two students studying Christian liberal arts in the Euler Atrium

Liberal Arts

Cultivating Wisdom

Any liberal arts university can teach problem solving, critical thinking, and promote a strong breadth of knowledge. But Taylor’s mission goes beyond equipping you for a career; we want to help you cultivate wisdom, combining best thinking with spiritual discernment. 

Wisdom is desperately needed in our world today. We face tremendous problems—economic, societal, environmental, global, emotional, and so many others—that reveal the brokenness of our world. Our world desperately needs wisdom. And God uses servant-leaders following His call to solve complex problems in the world today. 

Taylor is proud to be an evangelical Christian liberal arts university that works towards this goal, where students are taught to see wisdom and truth in every academic discipline and across fields of knowledge. Every student at Taylor completes our Foundational Core, which includes a minor in Scripture Engagement.

Why Choose a Liberal Arts College?

Just as the life you live right now is multifaceted—school, home, church, after-school job or extracurricular activities, friends—your life after college will be too. Over the course of your working life, you may change careers multiple times, experience loss, face hardship, lead a team of people, navigate ambiguity, and need to find creative solutions to difficult problems. A liberal arts education, grounded in growing in wisdom, prepares you to adapt to whatever situation or experience you may face. 

Taylor’s Foundational Core classes work in conjunction with your major classes to prepare you well for your career and for life. You’ll take classes that dive into:

  • Spiritual formation (Scripture Engagement minor)
  • Appreciating fine arts and literature
  • Building skills in public speaking and communicating
  • Civic engagement and social sciences
  • Math and other sciences
  • Caring for your physical health

We understand: sometimes you feel more comfortable studying one subject over another. That’s why the Foundational Core offers options in some categories to allow students to choose certain classes that interest them. But you might find the class you were uncertain about ends up becoming something you really enjoy!

Cultivating Wisdom through the liberal arts by growing in relationship with:

The Wisdom of a Christian Liberal Arts Education

A liberal arts education will prepare you to live and work in a fast-changing world. A Taylor education goes a step further: laying a strong spiritual foundation through our Scripture Engagement minor. Scripture Engagement is the practice of contemplating the Bible through a variety of methods, rather than solely approaching Scripture from an academic perspective. The six classes in this minor bring the academic study of the Bible to life, cultivating a deep sense of wisdom and understanding.

In addition, throughout the Foundational Core, our shared faith and values are woven into every class. You’ll learn to recognize God’s hand and craftsmanship in every area of life and be encouraged to grow in your relationship with Christ. With 99% of graduates employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation, we believe our integrated approach to Christian liberal arts works.

Grounded in Scripture

You’ll build habits of engaging deeply in Scripture, which will grow wisdom, integrity, and character in you as you live out your life at Taylor and beyond.

A solid foundation for graduate study

If your future goals include graduate study, a liberal arts background will give you the ability to learn increasingly more across a diverse field of studies.

Prepared for work in a variety of sectors

You’ll learn to be a diverse thinker, detailed analyzer, proficient communicator, and accomplished researcher—equipped to discuss life’s important questions, address human problems, and persevere with a sense of global responsibility.

Anchored in love, grace, and truth

Liberal Arts is one of seven Anchor Points that direct Taylor in accomplishing its mission to develop servant-leaders marked with a passion to minister Christ’s redemptive love, grace, and truth to a world in need.

Rooted in Faith and Learning

At Taylor, we seek to understand more about our Creator, His creation, and our place in His plan of redemption by embracing the Bible as a foundation for our lives. Since 100% of our faculty and staff members report a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you’ll see this commitment to integrating faith and learning modeled for you every day.

We take Taylor's mission seriously. After graduation, you'll take God's love, grace, and truth into your workplace, school, and community. That’s why it’s so important to use your time at Taylor to deepen your understanding of truth and critical thinking skills, learning to live and speak into the public space with wisdom and integrity.