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Student Leadership

Leadership Opportunities

Be empowered to lead now. Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles, even as freshmen. With over 100 leadership roles available in groups and organizations, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to cultivate leadership skills, build your resume, and make connections across campus.

Office of the Student Body President

The Office of the Student Body President provides leadership for the Taylor Student Organization cabinets and serves as student representatives to the Taylor administration. The Student Body President and Vice President meet with the president of the University and other administrators to provide student input on a variety of issues. Additionally, they emphasize meaningful experiences and conversations that promote growth among the members of the student body.

Student Senate

The Student Senate serves as the primary representative body for the students of Taylor University and helps bridge the gap between students and the administration. By spending time with other students; discussing pertinent issues; and meeting with faculty, staff, and members of the administration; Student Senators demonstrate Christ’s love by discovering needs and ministering to them. Senators are chosen via student elections at the end of each year and serve a one-year term.

Office of Finance

The Office of Finance exists to ensure Taylor Student Organization cabinets are being good stewards of the budget they have been given through student fees. The office prepares the budget and payroll for all cabinets, assists each cabinet to wisely plan and spend within their means throughout the year, and reports payroll information directly to the University Payroll Manager.

Global Engagement

Promote the spiritual, educational, and relational development of the Taylor University community by creating and encouraging programs, initiatives, and awareness pertaining to the global community. Global Engagement desires to prepare students to work in a multicultural environment, serve as part of the global church body, and have an attitude and mindset to learn from other cultures. This organization believes that we, as Christians, have the responsibility to engage in thoughtful dialogue, and many of the events we plan revolve around that idea in politics and current issues such as upcoming elections and feminism’s relationship with the church.

Key Event

  • World Religions Week: We plan chapel services and evening programs to allow students to learn more about different religions from around the world.

Inter-Class Council (ICC)

Made up of a group of student-elected class officers, ICC is dedicated to promoting class and campus unity. Each class has four student representatives that work together in order to provide innovative, competitive, and interactive class and community events.

Key Events

  • Taylathon: Graduating classes compete to win this cross-campus bike race. Non-competing students can cheer on their classmates and watch some disastrous falls.
  • Airband: Besides being a lip-syncing and dance competition, Airband practices and performances provide an opportunity for students to bond and make memories and friends that will last a lifetime.
  • ‘J’ Awards: An event program for juniors in which students vote their classmates into several superlative categories, such as “Best Singer,” “Most Likely to be Asked on a Pick-a-Date,” etc. Voting is done prior to the event.

Student Activities Council (SAC)

SAC creates fun and meaningful activities and events to encourage campus and community involvement.

Key Events

  • MyGen: An event for students to show off their talents by performing contemporary songs from when the graduating class was born until now.
  • Nostalgia Night: A night for students to perform songs from before the graduating class was born.
  • Study Breaks: Put on every semester, students are given time to take a break from cramming for final exams and projects and build community in a unique way.

Integration of Faith and Culture (IFC)

IFC challenges students to strengthen Taylor’s commitment to engage, understand, and challenge culture. This cabinet encourages students to think seriously by exposing them to many ideas and art forms. They bring bands and speakers to campus, show and discuss films, organize book clubs, and support Taylor’s own artists in order to spark thoughts and conversations about how Christians view culture.

Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs trains and equips life and leadership scholars to effectively explore and use their talents, gifts, and abilities to serve in the Kingdom of God. Coordinate various events that emphasize whole-person education, Christ-centered leadership, and expansion of a student’s global perspective to develop and flourish as servant-leaders.

Key Events

  • Pursuit Lecture Series: Engage with leaders serving in the Kingdom in this annual gathering. Speakers include Taylor community members and many others from around the globe.
  • National Student Leadership Conference: Leaders from around the nation and globe share their wisdom and insights with student leaders. This conference is open to not only the entire Taylor community but to all college students, faculty, and staff who wish to learn more about what it means to be a Christian leader and serve the world.
  • ICHTHUS Mentoring Program: This mentoring program allows Community Life Scholars to explore what community leadership looks like. Scholars are mentored in clusters, and then those groups partner with an experienced Taylor-affiliated adult with .
  • Beyond the Walmart Run: Incoming freshman scholars get to experience the neighboring city of Marion and discover the history, story, and needs of the community they will be part of for the next four years.
  • Leadership Networking Night: An event where students interested in leadership positions can connect with current student leaders and supervisors. Discover all the ways to serve the Taylor community in a leadership capacity.
  • Reframing Leadership Course: This class, offered every J-term and Spring semester, engages students in personal exploration with themes of Congruence, Power, Imagination, Hospitality, Failure, and Self-Awareness. Students explore each of these through reading, seminars, reflection, discussion in small groups, and assignments.

Intercultural Organizations

The Office of Intercultural Programs (OIP) exists to meet the needs of American minority students, international students, missionary kids (MKs), and third culture kids (TCKs) at Taylor University. OIP works to cultivate a safe and welcoming environment campus-wide that also provides educational and experiential opportunities for all students, staff, and faculty. Our programs and events promote cultural and racial reconciliation, encourage global engagement and highlight the Imago Dei in every person.

OIP offers intercultural organizations that celebrate the diversity of our student body, provide leadership opportunities, and create deep, meaningful connections. These programs are open to all students. At OIP, you can ask all your questions and be who God meant for you to be. Email Maribel Magallanes for more information, or stop by our office in the Boren Campus Center.

Asian Society for Intercultural Awareness (ASIA)

ASIA invites the Taylor community to grow in understanding of the diverse Asian cultures represented on TU’s campus. Lunar New Year Celebration, Ramen Nights, and Mooncake Festival are some of the events you are welcome to attend.

Black Student Union (BSU)

BSU explores and shares Africa-rooted cultures and their history. We celebrate the various cultures of the Black community in the US and abroad. BSU welcomes everyone interested in increasing their knowledge and building relationships within the African-American society. ‘Woke Week’ is BSU's signature event of the year.

International Student Society (ISS)

ISS fosters community among the international student body. Far from home, ISS helps international students find a sense of family and community. Through events like International Coffee House, ISS brings international students together to celebrate and explore the rich backgrounds represented on campus and have fun together through various programs and social activities.

Latino Student Union (LSU)

LSU welcomes all students who identify themselves with Latino culture and/or have an interest in learning more about the diversity of the Latin world. LSU’s overarching goal is to create awareness of the Latin world through various campus events like Latino Heritage Week and Salsa Night.

Multicultural Student Association (MSA)

MSA aims to restore cross-cultural relationships, while breaking down various barriers that divide Taylor University. Through thoughtful programming, MSA fuels critical conversations while educating the community about race and culture. MSA hosts events like Push My Button, OIP Open House, and Mosaic Night—a night where students share their cultures through dancing, storytelling, and singing.

Middle East Collegiate Association (MECA)

MECA welcomes all students to engage and learn about Middle Eastern culture, religion, and politics. Through speakers, music, media, language, food, and interaction with people from the Middle East, MECA desires to counteract negative stereotypes and provide a balanced perspective on the region.


MuKappa, an international organization founded at Taylor University, provides a supportive environment for missionary kids (MKs) and third culture kids (TCKs). The MuKappa organization helps students appreciate and embrace their diverse cultural background while learning to integrate into the American community.

Voices of Praise Gospel Choir

The Gospel Choir is an intentionally diverse choir that proclaims the ministry of reconciliation through performing black gospel music and dance. This choir is open to Taylor University students, staff, and faculty members. New members are accepted at the start of every semester.