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Jazz Combo Musical Group Practicing at Taylor.

Ensembles & Performance Opportunities

The musically and theatrically inclined have plenty of ways to use their gifts, even if they can’t declare a major in the Music, Theatre & Dance department. From singing to acting to dancing, there are extracurricular opportunities for students with all levels of performance experience.

Vocal Ensembles

If you love to sing and want to share your talent with others, we offer a diverse range of singing groups that are open to all students by audition.

  • Taylor University Chorale
    The Chorale’s repertoire consists of music drawn from sacred choral works. The ensemble seeks to express the highest divine and human values through choral arts. Performances include domestic and international tours, as well as concerts for conferences and conventions. Performances of sacred works with professional orchestras are also part of the Chorale tradition. Contact Dr. Reed Spencer for more information.
  • Taylor Sounds Chamber Ensemble
    The Sounds Chamber Ensemble is a selected group of musicians dedicated to a high standard of performance. The group seeks to learn a breadth of music by notable composers, while expressing the highest divine and human values through the choral chamber music art. Performance tours include domestic and overseas venues as well as conferences, conventions, and banquets. Contact Dr. Reed Spencer for more information.
  • Lyric Theatre
    Lyric Theatre performances include a combination of fully-staged productions and semi-staged “scene” productions. The primary goal of the ensemble is to create live performances demonstrating dramatic confidence, vocal ease, and aesthetic sensibility. Contact Dr. Conor Angell for more information.
  • Voices of Praise Gospel Choir
    Directed by the Office of Intercultural Programs, the Gospel Choir is an intentionally diverse choir that proclaims the ministry of reconciliation through performing black gospel music and dance. This choir is open to all Taylor University students, staff, and faculty members. New members are accepted at the start of every semester. Contact the Office of Intercultural Programs for more information. 

Instrumental Ensembles

The following instrumental ensembles are open to all students by audition and can count toward credit in the Music program.

  • Wind Ensemble
    The Wind Ensemble is made up of wind and percussion players. Performing classic and contemporary wind, sacred, pop, and pep band literature, the Wind Ensemble presents one full concert program each semester, as well as annual tours. Contact Dr. Christopher Bade for more information.
  • Symphony Orchestra
    The Symphony Orchestra consists of string, wind, and percussion players. Each semester, the Symphony Orchestra performs a full concert of selected masterworks from each of the major historical periods written for full orchestra. Contact Dr. Christopher Bade for more information.
  • Jazz Ensemble
    The Jazz Ensemble is open to all wind and percussion players by audition. They perform contemporary stage band literature as well as jazz classics. The ensemble performs a concert on campus each semester and tours in local schools and regional jazz festivals. Contact Dr. Christopher Bade for more information.
  • Jazz Combo
    The Jazz Combo is a selected ensemble that explores improvisatory styling and performs a concert each semester. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced level instruction is given. Contact Dr. Christopher Bade for more information.
  • Exploration of Global Music
    The Exploration of Global Music ensemble offers hands-on exploration of traditional musical repertoires from around the world. Students will perform on instruments and sing songs from Asia, Africa, etc. Sometimes these styles are learned aurally/orally or with different kinds of musical notation. No prior experience with western music notation is necessary. This ensemble is opened to all students. Singers and instrumentalists are welcome! This ensemble can be taken as a one credit or zero credit course and meets general education Fine Arts requirement. Contact Dr. Eva Kwan for more information.

Theatre Groups

If the stage feels like your second home, consider auditioning for one of our theatre groups. Each group is open to all students. Contact the Managing & Artistic Director of Theatre, Tracy Manning, to see how you can get involved in theatre, whether you are interested in acting on stage, constructing sets, or helping out as an usher on performance days.

  • Taylor Theatre
    Join our national award-winning theatre program to enter a legacy of high-quality productions. Taylor Theatre is always seeking student talent on and off the stage for their many musicals, operas, and plays throughout the year.
  • Musical Theatre
    Taylor Theatre performs at least one musical every year featuring choral dance numbers. Contact Tracy Manning for more information on upcoming musicals.
  • Playback Theatre
    Playback Theatre is a student group of actors who perform improvisational, interactive theatre productions. In these performances, the audience shares stories and experiences that the actors and musicians play back in an engaging, unscripted format.
  • Taylor Touring Company
    The Taylor Touring Company takes theatre productions on the road, presenting shows at churches, schools, and businesses throughout the US and internationally. Student actors and crew gain professional experience while learning the ins and outs of touring a small-scale production. In addition to performing, the troupe members also teach specialty theatre workshops to their audiences.