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Group of Students with International Flags Raising their Fists on Stage.

Traditions & Events

Traditions abound across Taylor’s campus, keeping the student body on their toes. Whether they’re practicing choreography for Airband, wearing costumes to Silent Night, or training for Taylathon, our students are never at a loss for something to do—and you won’t be either.

Most of our events are student-led, giving you an opportunity to participate or plan these ongoing Taylor traditions. As you work with your colleagues to build community through shared experiences, you will develop skills and create memories that will last far beyond your four years on campus.

Read more about some of Taylor’s well-known traditions.

Silent Night

Taylor’s biggest basketball game of the year, Silent Night is the last men’s game before Fall semester finals week. Students dress in crazy costumes (often in groups with their wing or floor) and pack the stadium, remaining completely and utterly silent until Taylor scores its tenth point. Then, the crowd explodes with cheers and maintains the team spirit throughout the rest of the game, a crazy halftime show, and a student-led rendition of Silent Night in the game’s final minutes. Take an insider’s look at the Silent Night tradition.


First run in 1948, this bike relay race gets team members passing, not batons, but the bicycles. Separate races for men and women pin the four graduating classes against each other in an intense competition that couples speed with skill. The goal is to have smooth transitions so the bike never stops, but be careful, it’s not as easy as it sounds!


Airband is an epic lip-syncing and choreography competition between residence halls held every spring. Each act performs either a song or mix of songs to carefully planned group choreography, all while lip-syncing with the songs’ lyrics. At the end of the program, a panel of judges name a winner from the field.

Envision Film Festival

This must-see event for movie lovers is a weekend dedicated to film—the craft and the finished product. Film professionals speak at Envision about all parts of the filmmaking process, and student films are screened for the public. Read more on the Envision webpage.

Mosaic Night

Mosaic Night is the Office of Intercultural Programs’ (OIP) annual celebration of the 40 countries and cultures represented at Taylor. The Multi-Ethnic Student Association (MESA) facilitates this night of food from all over the world, followed by students dancing, singing, reading poetry, and displaying the mosaic that is the body of Christ at Taylor.

Melon and Gourd (and Other Hall Traditions)

Think a game of tag isn’t entertaining? Well, think again! The boys of Third West Wengatz scurry around campus carrying a melon and gourd, trying not to get tagged. The men use crazy stunts, like fake funerals and parades, to get into Friday Chapel by 10 am sharp! If they don’t make it or are the last to get tagged, they have to eat a piece of the melon or gourd during their annual Oktoberfest pick-a-date.

Nostalgia Night / MyGen

Similar to Airband, but no lip-syncing allowed. These traditions host students using real instruments to show off their musical talents. Nostalgia Night showcases musical acts from before the graduating class was born; MyGen showcases those from after the senior class was born.


Several times each year, floors and wings go on low-key group dates—no pressure attached. Invite a friend of the opposite sex and go bowling, canoeing, or roller-skating, among other things. Warning: You may need to wear crazy outfits and bring your camera along.