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students watching friend play a video game in the esports club

Esports and Gaming Club

With over 200 student members, the Esports and Gaming Club is the largest club on campus. Esports at Taylor is for everyone, regardless of skill, and includes two different teams: competitive leagues and casual gaming.
Taylor Esports serves to support teams centered around games which players have interest in. Current esports teams include Rocket League, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Smash Ultimate. Taylor Esports is open and ready to support new games. If you’re passionate about a game, the club will put their support and resources behind you, help you find players, and form a team.


Tournaments are a fan favorite of Taylor Esports, giving players a time to come and talk to other people on the team, enjoy some good competition, and eat together. Tournaments in the past have included Smash Ultimate, Call of Duty, and 2v2 Rocket League.

Taylor Esports teams have competed against the University of California Los Angeles, Texas Tech, Missouri State, and others. The team’s success in competition has helped propel growth in the club.


Interested in joining Taylor Esports? All you have to do is join the Taylor Esports Discord server, a free online space people can join and participate in at their leisure. The team is ready and excited to greet new members, so be sure to introduce yourself to get started.

The server connects you with the Taylor esports community that includes over 300 current students and alumni. Through Discord, you are able to play games with others on campus as well as learn about upcoming events and announcements.

Tryouts are held for the competitive leagues, where there are standards that each player is required to hit in order to make the team. Standards include level of participation with the esports team in terms of practice attendance. The casual gaming team does not require any standard and encourages all levels of skills.

Future Lab Plans

Taylor Esports is looking to expand their current lab, located in Euler 040, in order to accommodate the rapidly growing size of their club. Currently the club is in the middle of a fundraising campaign to raise money for a new gaming room. Taylor Esports is hoping to raise $20,000 in order to construct a gaming room for campus and the local community to use. Every donation made toward the cause will be matched up to $20,000!

Contact Information

Student Esports President: Bradley Lasley

Euler 040
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Johnny Miller ’24

"Taylor Esports has been an amazing place for me to grow and learn with a team of people that all share the desire to represent Christ through competition. Taylor Esports is an opportunity for people to play the games they love, all while making friends along the way."

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Jacob Sweet ’24

"The club is a place where students can meet each other through a common interest in a way that honors Christ. Video games have always been a way I have met people and have given me a common talking point with many of my friends."

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Luke Slater ’24

"Growing up, video games helped me form some of the closest friendships I have today. Working with Taylor Esports has been an incredible opportunity to help others connect through video games. I’m excited to see the club continue developing in the years to come!"