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Legal Studies Minor

Prepare for a Career in Law

Do you have an interest in law? Are you passionate about advocating for or debating others? Can you form creative and indisputable arguments? If so, consider adding a Legal Studies minor to your degree. Pairing well with any major, Taylor’s Legal Studies minor prepares students for law school and, eventually, for a career as a lawyer, judge, police officer, etc.

Classes in the Legal Studies minor cover a wide range of topics, including principles of legal analysis, legal thought, constitutional law, business law, and international law and justice. If you’re ready to take the first steps toward a law-related career, the Legal Studies minor may be the place to start.

Legal Studies Curriculum & Degree Options

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Dr. Kevin Johnson, Chair of the Department of History, Global & Political Studies

Desirae Crouch, History, Global & Political Studies Program Assistant

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History, Global & Political Studies Department
A History of Excellence

Covering everything from philosophy and economics to history and international studies, the History, Global & Political Studies department helps students challenge assumptions, make connections, and apply historical knowledge to contemporary current issues.

The wide variety of disciplines and majors represented in the department are grounded in research, analysis, critical thinking, and truth seeking. Through these values—as well as through practical learning in discussions, case studies, lectures, and simulations—students develop fresh insights and perspectives that join textbook knowledge with global realities and a Christian worldview.

Not only are the History, Global & Political Studies professors serious about what they teach, they’re serious about incorporating their own personalities in the classroom and encouraging their students to do the same. The faculty create a family atmosphere—hosting movie nights, meals, and badminton tournaments while prompting their students to join in career development opportunities like research groups, the American Studies Program, and Taylor’s chapter of the American Enterprise Institute Council.

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See for Yourself

Listen to Dr. Nicholas Kerton-Johnson, Associate Professor of Political Science & International Relations, explain how a History, Global & Political Science degree will prepare you to fulfill your passions and advance God’s kingdom.

Faculty & Staff
Department Head

Kevin Johnson

Chair of the History, Global & Political Science Department & Assistant Professor of History



Elizabeth George

Associate Professor of History


Nicholas Kerton-Johnson

Associate Professor of Political Science & International Relations


Jakob Miller

Assistant Professor of Political Science


Ben Wetzel

Assistant Professor of History



Desirae Crouch

History, Global & Political Studies Program Assistant