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Politics & Public Service Major

A Call for Servant Leaders

If you are a leader with a servant’s heart and you want to make a difference in your community—whether local, regional, or national—Taylor can prepare you for a fulfilling career in public service through the Politics & Public Service major (PPS).

This practical political science major focuses less on theory and more on experience—opening doors for you to start working in politics even as a college student. Your political studies curriculum will first teach you about political theory and policy making, and then immerse you into hands-on practicum/internship, semester study, and volunteer experiences in various levels of American government, non-governmental organizations, and public service.

The Branches of Your Education

Your Politics & Public Service degree will begin with foundational political science courses—allowing you to explore American, world, and comparative politics. You will also take advanced classes on public policy and administration, as well as constitutional law and community development. These courses will deepen and broaden your understanding of the political structure that influences society and your potential role in this structure. Your electives will complement your core classes and allow you to tailor your degree to your interests. You could take classes in U.S. or world history, global governance, political behavior, or American foreign policy.

Because of the broad range of classes, graduates of the PPS program are able to demonstrate an understanding of political concepts, discuss and engage political data and writings, develop writing and research commonly found in public service careers, and articulate their place as Christian citizens dedicated to public service.

Hands-On Politics and Public Service Opportunities

All PPS students are required to participate in annual public service opportunities. You will have the opportunity to participate in local, state, and/or national campaigns and elections; and intern in places like Congress, the Department of Justice, the Indiana legislature, the FBI, the CIA, and the American Enterprise Institute. PPS majors will also perform directed research with a political science faculty member.

Taylor’s political studies majors are all encouraged to enter the American Studies Program. Through a partnership with fellow CCCU colleges, Taylor can offer this semester study experience where our students intern in public service on Capitol Hill and throughout Washington DC. PPS majors can meet, work alongside, and make connections with the movers and shakers of our nation—from members of Congress to the Justice Department to the FBI and CIA. This program puts our students in strong positions to receive competitive jobs around the country.

Alumni of the political studies programs have gone on to work in realms of cultural influence around the world. We have Taylor graduates who are members of Congress, FBI agents, prominent First Amendment lawyers, and Supreme Court Clerks. Others have pursued careers in international politics, NGO leadership, think tanks, policy making, political campaigns, and many areas of American government services and elected offices.  

Politics & Public Service Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

Contact the History, Global & Political Studies Department

Dr. Nicholas Kerton-Johnson, PPE & Politics Program Director

Dr. Jakob Miller, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Dr. Kevin Johnson, Chair of the Department of History, Global & Political Studies

Desirae Crouch, History, Global & Political Studies Program Assistant