Philosophy Major/Minor

Lovers of Wisdom

Philosophy means “love of wisdom,” and that's what you develop in Taylor’s Philosophy program. Regardless of God’s calling on your life, the Philosophy major prepares your mind and heart for service.

Discussion-based philosophy classes contribute toward a rigorous and rewarding training that will develop critical thinking, textual analysis, and moral reasoning skills. Through philosophy, you will expand your perspective on different ways of thinking and be challenged to engage with a variety of thoughts and ideas. Students explore diverse worldviews, the history of philosophy, pressing current issues, ethical quandaries, and the foundations of human thought. Philosophy students can follow complex lines of reasoning, see the various sides of issues, and craft thoughtful responses.

You'll learn what it means to be a truly virtuous person through interacting in our community, attending conferences, participating in the Ethics Bowl program, and being mentored by our Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy faculty. Each of Taylor’s Philosophy professors has seminary training and weaves theological insights into their philosophy lessons and scholarly publications.

Think About it

The Philosophy program digs deep into the core of liberal arts education, effectively preparing our students to excel in graduate school and their careers. The success of our graduates in a wide variety of fields is a testament to how well our program prepares them in the transferable skills of critical thinking and conceptual analysis.

You will study logic, Christian apologetics, and the relationship between philosophy and faith. Courses delve into philosophical ideas from the ancient pre-Socratic Greeks to current movements in both analytic and continental philosophy. You can focus on ethics, world religions, metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics, and philosophy of the mind in our many elective courses. There is no end to the opportunities provided by a Philosophy degree.

See for Yourself

Dr. Kevin Diller, Professor of Philosophy, explains that all you need to start your path in philosophy is an interest in big questions and an attitude that does not simply accept the assumptions made by society.

Minor in Philosophy

Gain a foundational understanding of philosophy and explore how studying logic, beauty, ethics, and religion can support your faith. The Philosophy minor pairs well with many majors, but especially those in the History, Global & Political Science and Art, Film & Media departments.

Philosophy Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

Contact the Philosophy Program

Dr. Brad Seeman, Program Director & Associate Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Greg MaGee, Department Chair of Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy

Joy Brainer, Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy Program Assistant