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A philosophy major will stretch your mind and prepare you for a career where critical thinking is necessary.



Study What You Love and Open Career Doors

God has "set eternity in the human heart" (Ecclesiastes 3:11). We are primed to ask big questions—questions about God, the meaning of life, morality, and politics. The questions about what really matters. But some people might tell you majoring in Philosophy is a dead end. The facts, however, tell a different story. Philosophy majors:

  • Outperform all other majors on the GRE (graduate school admissions test)
  • Excel on the LSAT (admissions test for law school)
  • Earn some of the highest scores on the GMAT (MBA programs admissions test)
  • Represent a significant percentage of individuals accepted into medical school 

It turns out that the things that Philosophy teaches—rigorous thinking, discussing and writing intelligently about challenging arguments, evaluating divergent takes on difficult issues, understanding different perspectives—give a strong foundation for the next career steps. So it’s not surprising that when the Wall Street Journal broke down median mid-career earnings by undergraduate major, Philosophy outperformed almost all other majors. 

Keep asking the questions that really matter, because if you major in Philosophy, you stand a strong chance of also opening an attractive career path.

Get on track for these careers

  • Lawyer
  • Counselor
  • Minister or Pastor
  • Nonprofit Professional
  • Journalist
  • Accountant
  • Social Worker
  • Marketing Director 
  • Consultant 

Why Study Philosophy at Taylor

The unique strengths of Taylor’s Philosophy program make it a great fit for students who want to study the big questions in light of Christ.

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The Philosophy major only requires 31 credit hours, so you have flexibility to double-major, explore courses you love, or focus on pre-professional preparation for law school or medical school. Our Philosophy Minor and Ethics Minor offer a foundation in Philosophy that pairs well with many majors, especially in History, Global & Political Science and Art, Film & Media.

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From studying in Spain or at Oxford to participating in our National Championship Ethics Bowl team (which regularly reaches Nationals and won the National Championship in 2015), from discussing the big questions to strong alumni outcomes, Taylor’s Philosophy program will give you abundant opportunities for study, growth, and fun. 

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At a small Christian university with a nationally-recognized Student Development program and emphasis on intentional community, you’ll be much more than a number. At Taylor, you’ll have opportunities to cultivate personal relationships with fellow students and with your professors. Students also have opportunities to work on faculty-led research and scholarship projects.

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Taylor’s Philosophy program uses an approach you won’t find at every Christian university. We don’t shelter students from reading influential material that reflects a secular worldview. Instead, we engage texts from all thought leaders, and help students think through them in a discipleship-oriented community with professors who are deeply rooted in Jesus Christ.

Pursuing the Big Questions in Light of Christ

Philosophy professor Dr. Kevin Diller explains what studying philosophy at Taylor looks like.

Trayvon Estey Thumbnail
Trayvon Estey
Class of 2019
"My goal for now is to be able to understand philosophical concepts, break down the arguments and teach them to others. In working towards that, I hope to be able to teach someone how to discover who they are in regards to every aspect of their lives."

Philosophy Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog.

Liberal Arts Foundational Core

A Taylor liberal arts education will prepare you to live and work in a fast-changing world. It also goes a step further: laying a strong spiritual foundation that cultivates wisdom. You’ll become a well-versed individual, equipped with critical thinking skills, a lifelong love of learning, and an appreciation for God’s creation.

View Foundational Core Curriculum.

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A student with glasses reading outside

Want to Explore Philosophy at Taylor?

Stop by for a visit. As you pray, seek good counsel, and make a decision about your next step, nothing will give you a sense of whether or not Taylor and our Philosophy program is the right fit for you like visit our campus in Upland, Indiana. Having lunch with some current Philosophy students where you can get the “inside scoop” and talking with the Philosophy professors will give you a good sense of what it would be like to study Philosophy here. Ask honest questions and we’ll give you honest answers.

Get to know the professors. The Lord has blessed us with a strong Philosophy faculty who enjoy each other and our students.

Check us out on social media. We’re on Instagram @tu_philosophy. Come see a little bit of what’s going on in the world of Taylor Philosophy.

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