Biblical Literature Major/Minor

Understanding & Interpreting Biblical Texts

The Biblical Literature major is designed for students who desire a robust intellectual understanding of the foundation of the Christian faith. Students in the program study biblical texts and explore various approaches to understanding them. Majors and minors in Biblical Literature develop proficiency as informed and observant interpreters of biblical passages as they learn to draw upon theological, historical, linguistic, and literary insights for richer, more complete understandings of texts. A major in Biblical Literature is a strong choice for students whose interests and strengths intersect in areas related to interpreting biblical texts, appreciating the wisdom and power of theological truth, supporting spiritual growth in themselves and others, and understanding how the Bible addresses important questions for our world

Whether you plan to pursue full-time ministry or simply desire a deeper understanding of Scripture to integrate into your life and career, the Biblical Literature major prepares you to think about, write about, discuss, apply, and teach biblical passages from Scripture. You will learn how the overall biblical story fits together and gives meaning to all aspects of life and human history—from Creation, to the Fall, to redemption through Jesus Christ.

Exploring God’s Word

The Biblical Literature major moves far beyond the foundational Bible courses that all students take at Taylor. Majors look deeper into particular sections of Scripture using an approach of self-discovered learning under the guidance of experienced faculty mentors. You will learn about the historicity and formation of the Bible while studying passages within their historical and cultural contexts and applying them faithfully to a variety of current settings.

The major begins with an Inductive Study of the Bible class that will give you great tools for observing, interpreting, applying, and teaching the Bible across the different genres of Scripture. You will then take classes in specific sections of the Bible, such as the Gospels and Pentateuch, with a focus on getting immersed in the world, content, and theology of these parts of Scripture.

In your senior year, a Biblical Theology class will help you explore the Bible’s most important recurring themes across the Old and New Testaments, while the Biblical Capstone class will allow you to interact with the most relevant and challenging issues in biblical studies today.

Pursuing Your Calling

A major in Biblical Literature stands alone as a strong degree for students with well-formed plans for teaching or ministry, but it is also structured so students can pursue a secondary major in a number of different areas. This allows students to go into a variety of different fields after graduation and bring thoughtful expertise in multiple areas into their careers. Common double-majors include pairing Bible with Christian Ministries, Youth Ministry, or Philosophy. Some students have also added majors or minors in History, International Studies, English, Psychology, or Professional Writing.

The Biblical Literature degree, on its own or combined with other majors or minors, prepares you to minister the power of the gospel in a broken world in whatever career path you follow. Some Biblical Literature graduates use their degree combinations as valuable preparation for seminary or graduate school, or to pursue further training in mentor-focused church residency programs.

Studying Languages of the Bible

Students majoring in Biblical Literature can take Greek or Hebrew classes to meet the Bachelor of Arts foreign language requirement. Studying the Bible in its original languages helps you appreciate the rich texture and meaning of Scripture like never before. Taking two years of either language almost always counts toward at least one year of the language for a seminary program and is excellent preparation for other graduate school opportunities in Biblical Studies and related fields.

Minor in Biblical Literature

The Biblical Literature minor provides a balanced curriculum covering classes in both the Old and New Testament, with all of the theological and practical wisdom that can be gleaned from these different sections of Scripture. The Biblical Literature minor allows students to be intentional about the integration of faith and biblical truth to their primary field of study. If you want a deeper study of the Bible with a view towards its relevance to all of life and learning, the minor in Biblical Literature is a great addition.

Biblical Literature Curriculum & Degree Options

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