Christian Ministries Major/Minor

Spiritual Foundation

The Christian Ministries major prepares you to lead others through in-depth Bible studies, leadership development seminars, and educational classes in the historical and psychological foundations of ministry. The Ministry program provides scriptural, educational, and managerial training for students who want to pursue ministry careers or further study in graduate schools or seminaries. Taylor’s Christian Ministries professors help you prepare for your future, not just in academic and career pursuits, but also through your faith.

Spiritual Service

Ministry courses provide students with a three-dimensional understanding of Christian ministries, honing in on spiritual formation, cross-cultural and local service, and experiential learning. Classes on teaching and learning strategies will help you communicate God's truth with specific groups as well as philosophies and strategies for Christian ministries. Other courses focus on studying, interpreting, and applying Scripture and mobilizing, training, and equipping fellow believers to serve the Church. Because of the complementary Bible classes in this major, Christian Ministries students also earn a Biblical Literature minor.

The Christian Ministries curriculum gives students the opportunity to serve those in our local and global communities. The curriculum requires students to participate in four semesters of departmentally approved ministry, a summer of full-time ministry, and a capstone trip that introduces them to more than one hundred key Christian leaders and ministries.

See for Yourself

Listen to Dr. Mike Severe, Associate Professor of Christian Ministries, talk about the distinctives of Taylor’s Christian Ministries degree program.

Minor in Christian Ministries

Develop logistical and educational ministry skills that could supplement your declared major or allow you to serve the local church. This minor requires two semesters of extracurricular, department-approved ministry in addition to normal course requirements. A Christian Ministries minor pairs well with many majors, including Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Philosophy, or Biblical Literature.

Christian Ministries Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

Let Me Tell You

Listen to testimonies of Christian Ministries graduates as they explain how their Taylor studies helped them discover their calling and launch into ministry after college.

  • Rachel Williams ’16
    “As a student at Taylor, I studied Christian Ministries with a minor in Biblical Literature. I loved this program. Not only was I studying ministry, I was challenged to ‘do’ ministry outside of the classroom as well. During my serving experiences through the Christian Ministries program, God revealed to me His plan to use me in Children’s Ministry after college, and for that I am so thankful! I currently serve as the Children’s Minister at Fairfield Christian Church in Kokomo, Indiana where I oversee ministry for kids ages birth through 5th grade. Taylor’s Christian Ministries program prepared me well for the ups, downs, and demands that vocational ministry requires. I feel so blessed to be God’s servant at FCC, and much of that is due to how the Christian Ministries department was formational in my life and career.”
  • Stu Poulson ’14
    “Looking back on my four years at Taylor, I realize they were the most influential years of my life. I entered the Christian Ministries and Biblical Literature programs as a freshman who despised learning and had never done homework. I fell in love with learning. The courses showed me the tremendous love of my Savior and equipped me to share that love with the world. After graduating I went to work for Youth For Christ, where I helped create a welcoming community where teens could discover the Truth. My courses at Taylor truly gave me the tools I needed to communicate the gospel. My professors, courses, and workload at Taylor prepared me to make the leap into full-time graduate school. Studying at Taylor has deeply impacted every step of my professional career, and I am forever grateful.”

Contact the Christian Ministries Program

Dr. Michael Severe, Program Director & Associate Professor of Christian Ministries

Dr. Greg MaGee, Department Chair of Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy

Joy Brainer, Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy Program Assistant