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Youth Ministry Major/Minor

Meet Youth Where They Are

Taylor’s Youth Ministry major trains students to reach young people for Christ. Throughout your four years at Taylor, you will dig into adolescent ministry opportunities—working with teens, equipping them to claim their Christian faith as their own, and encouraging them to grow as disciples and disciple-makers.

The Youth Ministry major combines Scripture, theology, and ministry engagement with rigorous education and ministry courses. Professors, who are both experienced practitioners and leading thinkers in their field, will teach you to engage with the specific, difficult issues facing youth today, reach teens with solid biblical truth, and disciple them within their cultural contexts.

Learn Ministry by Doing Ministry

Our students are exposed to real ministry opportunities from the start of freshman year. With a Youth Ministry major, you will take interactive, ministry-focused classes and biblical theology courses that will show you how the biblical stories give context to present-day ministry.

Students receive an in-depth understanding of youth ministry, focusing on spiritual formation, adolescent psychology, youth culture, and cross-cultural, service, and experiential learning. Youth Ministry majors will also develop strategies for teaching, one-on-one discipleship, and community engagement. Youth Ministry majors automatically earn a Biblical Literature minor and more than half of our students choose a second major in Biblical Literature.

Every Youth Ministry student will complete four semesters of a department-approved ministry and a summer in full-time ministry. You will also participate in a capstone trip that exposes you to dozens of ministries and over one hundred key Christian leaders, all while shaping your personal ministry philosophy.

Minor in Youth Ministry

If you’re passionate about directing and encouraging teens to follow Christ, consider a Youth Ministry minor. Youth Ministry minors pair well with Education, Christian Ministries, Biblical Literature, or Strategic Communication majors.

Youth Ministry Curriculum & Degree Options

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it

Read what our Youth Ministry alumni have to say about the skills they learned at Taylor and how they apply it to their current ministries.

  • Aaron Crull ’16
    ‘It is hard to express just how grateful I am for my 4 years at Taylor University. Upon graduating in 2016, I joined staff at Northview Church in West Lafayette, IN. Northview is one church in 8 different locations. I serve as the Student Ministry Pastor at the Greater Lafayette Campus of Northview, where I oversee 5th-12th grade students. I feel strongly that my time at Taylor prepared me well for ministry in the real world. The incredible professors and classes helped equip me with the knowledge needed to have a healthy start in full-time ministry. Furthermore, they helped prepare my heart and mind for ministry and taught me that ministry is more than just knowledge and skill. This truth profoundly impacted how I lead and serve in my pastoral role. I could not give this program a higher recommendation!”
  • Callie Willoughby ’15
    “I graduated from Taylor in 2015 with a major in Christian Ministries and minors in Youth Ministry and Biblical Literature. I loved the ministry department at Taylor, and it readily equipped me for where I am serving today. After graduating, I accepted a full-time position at Shoreline Church in Oak Harbor, OH. I am the Student Ministries Director, which means I oversee junior high and high school ministries. It was at Taylor that God revealed my passion for teenagers, especially junior high students! The professors in the ministry department encouraged me to pursue this passion, equipped me with the practical and theological tools to do so, and invested in me as a person as well. I love doing life alongside teens and pointing them toward Christ along the way. My lead pastor has commented on numerous occasions that I am way more versed in youth ministry than most people my age. I always point back to God’s grace and the Taylor ministry department!”

Contact the Christian Ministries Program

Dr. Michael Severe, Program Director & Associate Professor of Christian Ministries

Dr. Greg MaGee, Department Chair of Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy

Joy Brainer, Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy Program Assistant

Special Programs
Related Majors and Related Minors
Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy Department
Building on a Biblical Foundation

While all Taylor students take biblical courses, students who want to dive further into God’s Word or pursue further studies in seminary or a career in ministry will be welcomed into the Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy department (BSCP).

In this department, you will examine your understanding of faith with the help of caring faculty, who will serve as scholars, mentors, and teachers and push you to think through critical issues, question why you believe what you believe, and commit to a greater pursuit of your personal faith. Taylor’s BSCP program will build a strong foundation of biblical truth and knowledge that could strengthen the spiritual health of any student.

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More Than Contemplating Scripture

Our Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy faculty introduce plenty of development opportunities to our majors. Faculty often invite students to attend conferences and meetings with national ministry organizations to expand their horizons, discover ministry trends, and introduce them to ministry leaders.

Students are encouraged to join on-campus and local ministries, from campus chapel bands to church youth groups to county-wide food drives. Some students also put their critical thinking skills to the test with our nationally-ranked Ethics Bowl team—the Taylor chapter of a national intercollegiate program where students from different schools debate ethical topics.

Biblical- and ministry-focused study abroad opportunities are open to all Taylor students. Walk in the footsteps of the apostle Paul and study the New Testament while exploring Greece, or visit the birthplace and several ministry locations of Jesus during a trip to Jerusalem. Other opportunities include semester-long, J-term, or Spring Break trips to learn about the Word of God and evangelize across diverse cultures.

Committed & Scholarly Faculty

In our Bible and Ministry programs, our faculty help you develop practical thinking, critique, and discernment skills as you strengthen your faith and love for truth and wisdom. The professors are committed to a high view of Scripture and dedicated to providing an eye-opening Christian education, whether in major or general education courses. They are actively seeking out ministry and theological developments, and many are also at the forefront of these developments, researching and publishing book—such as textbooks, faith-building books, and in-depth scholarly reference books—and articles in publications like Tyndale Bulletin, Philosophia Christi, and Christianity Today.

All Greek to You?

Students from any major can take Greek or Hebrew classes to meet the Bachelor of Arts foreign language requirement. Taking two years of either language almost always counts toward at least one year of the language for a seminary program.

Career Opportunities

As Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy students have a 99% placement rate coming out of Taylor, you can graduate with confidence that your liberal arts education will stand out to future employers.

Learn more about Taylor’s career placement rates.

Faculty & Staff
Department Head

Greg MaGee

Chair of the Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy Department & Associate Professor of Biblical Studies



Jenny Collins

Associate Professor of Missions & Biblical Studies


Phil Collins

Director of Scripture Engagement and Professor of Christian Ministries


Kevin Diller

Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religion


Michael Harbin

Department Chair & Professor of Biblical Studies


Bill Heth

Professor of Biblical Studies


Ed Meadors

Professor of Biblical Studies


Joseph Pak

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies


Brad Seeman

Associate Professor of Philosophy


Mike Severe

Program Director & Associate Professor of Christian Ministries


Richard Smith

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies


Jim Spiegel

Professor of Philosophy & Religion


Hank Voss

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies


May Young

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies



Joy Brainer

Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy Program Assistant