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Create Beauty and Function

Design plays an important role at every level of today’s world, communicating information, inciting emotions, and even structuring a space. In current and future iterations of the industry (because many of the jobs you may have in design haven’t even been created yet), designers must function as the “fusion” between art, business, engineering, research, and science. At Taylor, the Design major includes courses that deliver high-demand skills and expertise for all graphic design and related communications fields.

Taylor’s unique liberal arts approach to academics means that you’ll graduate with the ability to think critically and the flexibility to adapt to a changing, unpredictable world where methods of communication will continuously evolve and expand.

Taylor’s dedicated art faculty will guide you through the development of your skills in digital tools, visual communication, typography, layout, product identity and more. You’ll have opportunities to work with real projects for real clients, learning to operate in the ministry or industry. Most importantly, starting from your first day of class as a freshman to your final senior show, you’ll see God’s heart for beauty and truth, as tenets of our faith are integrated into every class.

Why a Design BFA?

A standard at art and design colleges, this Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design focuses on the practical, rather than on lecture or discussion classes. With no language requirement (unlike a BA), you’ll take about 14 additional hours of design art classes instead. A BFA offers a competitive edge in the job market, and it’s seen as a gateway degree to a Master of Fine Arts. According to the Wall Street Journal, students who earn a BFA degree have relatively high income levels, job prospects, and levels of job satisfaction. 

Get on track for these careers

  • Graphic Designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Editorial Designer
  • Package Designer
  • Logo Designer
  • Design Editor
  • Type Designer
  • Web Designer
  • UX/UI Designer
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Modelle Metcalf Visual Arts Center

Taylor’s Art Program is housed in the 38,000-square-foot Modelle Metcalf Visual Arts Center, with specialized classrooms and workspaces for drawing, painting, printmaking, graphic design, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and jewelry making. It also contains a state-of-the-art Mac lab and audio-visual classrooms, two gallery spaces for both professional and student art shows, a photography studio, a lecture hall, and ample space for critiquing works displayed in the hallways. Naturally lit classrooms have storage spaces for student artwork with the option of directed spot lighting.

Design Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog.

Liberal Arts Foundational Core

A Taylor liberal arts education will prepare you to live and work in a fast-changing world. It also goes a step further: laying a strong spiritual foundation that cultivates wisdom. You’ll become a well-versed individual, equipped with critical thinking skills, a lifelong love of learning, and an appreciation for God’s creation.

View Foundational Core Curriculum.

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Practicums, Internships, and Residencies

Taylor’s Design degree program will prepare you for a successful, fulfilling career, but practical work experience doesn’t need wait until after graduation. Here’s a partial list of places where our students have completed practicums, internships, or residencies:

  • Wired Magazine
  • Samaritan’s Purse
  • The Salvation Army
  • Fort Wayne Museum of Art
  • South Bend Art Museum
  • Animal Planet
  • Zondervan Publishing House
  • Esquire Magazine

Careers in Design

One of the biggest questions you may be asked when you tell people you’re looking into majoring in any art field like Design is: "What are you going to do with that?" We’re here to tell you: the possibilities are endless! Here are just a few careers our students have had post graduation:

  • Print Design
  • Web Design
  • Product Design
  • Clothing Companies
  • Furniture Design
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Galleries and Museums

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