Spanish Education Major

Bilingual Learning

A Spanish Education degree combines your passion for language with your heart for teaching. Our program will prepare you to teach Spanish at the middle and high school levels through courses that will hone your Spanish speech and deepen your knowledge of Spanish history. You will become a highly proficient multilingual communicator while acquiring a deeper social and cultural understanding of Spanish culture.

The Modern Languages program sponsors and connects students with travel abroad programs in Spain, Ecuador, Latin America, and more Spanish-speaking locations for a required overseas experience. Experiencing language and teaching abroad will improve your fluency in Spanish and help you appreciate intercultural relationships between teacher and students.

Bringing Language into the Classroom

On top of taking Spanish classes, you will also learn the best teaching and assessment methods, classroom management techniques, and educational psychology through education courses that encourage loving leadership and humility in education service. You will also have multiple experiences in schools, running your own classroom and discovering how to display your faith through strong Christian character.

During your senior year, all Spanish Education majors will complete a full semester of full-time teaching. The semester will be split between placements in two different schools, in Indiana or abroad, and in different grade levels.

Spanish Education Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

Contact the Modern Languages Program

Dr. A. Chin Chang, Modern Languages Department Chair

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