Global Studies (International Studies) at Taylor will develop your understanding across disciplines.

Global Studies Major/Minor

Develop Your International Understanding

Global Studies majors are interested in the workings of the world and are curious about how individual events make a global impact. Our students build a foundational knowledge of geography, history, and world politics and experience firsthand how to work in an international environment during an intensive, semester-long practicum abroad.

You will take electives that will develop your understanding across disciplines, from philosophy and religion to business and economics to art, culture, and politics. All Global Studies majors culminate their degrees in writing original theses that connect their hands-on experiences with class information and real-world issues.

Global Studies Concentrations

Each Global Studies major chooses an area of concentration to focus his or her studies. Students can choose from international ideas, like justice and ministry, or cultures, like the Middle East or East Asia.

  • African, Asian, and Latin American Studies: Explore the history and geography of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, while gaining an understanding of their places in the global context.
  • Cross-Cultural Ministries: Prepare for a future in international missions by learning intercultural communication, anthropology, foundations of ministry, and many more necessary skills.
  • East Asian Studies: Study the history, religions, and cultures of East Asia and develop a deeper appreciation for Asian art, music, and language.
  • European Studies: Learn the religious, intellectual, and political backstories of modern-day Europe and compare time periods like the Reformation and Enlightenment to present-day Europe.
  • Middle East Studies: Study the modern Middle East not only from Taylor’s campus, but also abroad at Jerusalem University College or in the Middle East Studies Program.
  • Spanish Language and Literature: Combine your interest in the world with an advanced understanding and appreciation of Spanish language and literature. Students in this concentration have the option to study the Spanish culture, civilization, and language in the Latin American Studies Program or Semester in Spain program.
  • Peace, Reconciliation, and Justice: Study the modern civil rights movement, African-American history, and other topics related to the psychology, history, and peace, reconciliation, and justice.
  • World Literature: Gain a broader view of the written word by stepping out of the English literature niche and into world literature. Study courses in drama, classical literature, contemporary literature, and critical approaches to literature at Taylor or abroad through the Literacy London and Oxford Studies programs.
  • World Politics and Economics: Learn economic development, international economics, foreign policy, and other topics that develop your understanding of world politics and business.

Global Studies Minor

If you want to gain a broader perspective of the complexities of the world, consider a minor in Global Studies. You will gain a foundational understanding of humanity and cultures from around the globe. This minor pairs well with any major that would benefit from global engagement, such as Multimedia Journalism, History, and Business.

Global Studies Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

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