Sustainable Development Major

Developing Your Love of Nature

Sustainable Development majors build a foundational understanding of how the spheres of sustainability—environment, economics, and society—impact each other. Studying the breadth of these subjects allows students to develop a holistic understanding of key issues facing humanity and the environment. This understanding drives efforts to meet current sustainability needs with solutions that don’t sacrifice the future.

Courses in environmental science, sociology, public health, and economics form a foundation for advanced Sustainable Development classes. To build your experience, faculty will encourage you to develop and conduct your own field-based research in Taylor’s 145-acre arboretum.

Choosing a Sustainable Career

After learning core sustainable development principles such as environmental law, global health, geospatial analysis, microeconomics, ecology, geology, and cultural anthropology, each student chooses one of the following concentrations to focus on a specific environmental field:

  • Sustainable Agriculture: Students interested in working toward improving the productivity, environmental quality, and well-being of the agricultural supply chain will thrive with a Sustainable Agriculture concentration. Take courses in agroecology, food systems, soil science, and more. You can even travel to Costa Rica for your field course.
  • Public and Environmental Health: By investigating the environmental aspects that affect human health, you can help promote healthy communities and foster better relationships between people and the environment. Classes focus on community health, epidemiology, health and equity, and more. Studies in Ecuador are also available.
  • Water Resources: Take your desire for water sustainability to the next level by studying global water issues and resource management. You can discover how geomorphology, hydrogeology, and environmental chemistry connect to develop sustainable plans for proper water quality and distribution. A water resource field course is offered in Guatemala.

Sustainable Development Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

Contact the Environmental Science, Public Health & Sustainable Development Program

Dr. Michael Guebert, Department Chair and Professor of Environmental Science, Public Health & Sustainable Development