Public Relations Major/Minor

Developing Your Personal Brand

Taylor’s Public Relations major trains students to create, develop, and execute professional PR campaigns in corporate, agency, nonprofit, or ministry settings. You will use digital media tools and gain experience with clients—helping them improve their reputations, inform their audiences, and promote their organizations in their communities. Learn how to manage information truthfully and responsibly and use interpersonal communication skills to establish and maintain good relationships.

Becoming a PR Pro

Our Public Relations program puts theory in action through project-based courses where you’ll do work for real clients. You will develop written and spoken communication skills essential to publicity work; study different PR environments, audiences, and message strategies; and gain an understanding of media ethics and its interactions with faith and society.

Other Public Relations courses focus on concise and informative writing, event and campaign planning and executing, and print and web designing. Public Relations students close their time at Taylor with a senior capstone course, where each student compiles a professional portfolio and develops a personal brand.

Join the Public Relations Student Society of America

Join Taylor’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), an organization that aids students by enhancing their educations, broadening their networks, and launching their careers. As a member, you’ll meet communications industry professionals, tour notable agencies, and job-shadow PR professionals. PRSSA also offers scholarship opportunities.

Minor in Public Relations

Support any major by developing communication skills to represent a group or organization. Learn the basics of PR at a company with hands-on, project-based classes, which focus on media writing, PR campaigns, and content production for print and online. A Public Relations minor is ideal for majors in Marketing, Management, Multimedia Journalism, Graphic Art, and Professional Writing.

Public Relations Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

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