Marketing Major/Minor

The Makeup of Marketing

If you’re interested in studying pre-campaign market research, consumer behavior, and the best practices in the marketing world, you will find Marketing a rewarding major. Courses will equip you to ideate, communicate, and deliver value to customers while managing relationships in ways that benefit organizations and stakeholders.

To stand out in the marketing field, it is important to stay at the front of industry change by keeping informed on the latest marketing theories. At Taylor, you will spend four years developing this skill by researching modern consumer behavior and putting it into action through real business projects and a required practicum in the marketing field. Courses focus on identifying problems, developing and administering surveys, analyzing data, and proposing research-based solutions for organizations. A degree emphasis on systems will contribute skills in design and computer science to enhance your ability to reach and research digital audiences.

Minor in Marketing

Learn how to reach your target audience and accurately measure marketing initiatives with a Marketing minor. Courses focus on research techniques, promotional strategies, retailing, and consumer behavior. Though the material is applicable to all, a minor in Marketing pairs especially well with Strategic Communication, Business, and Professional Writing majors.

Considering a Career in Music Marketing?
If you are passionate about music and business, consider majoring in Music with a Music Management or Music Marketing concentration.

Considering a Career in Sport Marketing?
Combine your leadership skills with your love for sports with this unique major. If you enjoy athletics management and sport marketing, consider a major in Sport Management.

Marketing Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

Contact the Business Department

Dr. Jody Hirschy, Associate Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Business Department

Lisa Gilpin, Program Assistant