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Diverse Applications for an Interconnected World

Minoring in Economics will develop your understanding of economic processes, including the production, consumption, and transfer of goods and services on microeconomic and macroeconomic scales. Practice advising organizations and learn how to formulate national policies, predict and analyze policy and market feedback, adapt to business trends, and distribute scarce resources for individuals, businesses, governments, and societies.

Specific classes cover the development and role of the banking system; factors that determine the size of national economy, inflation, unemployment, monetary policies, capitalism; and ways to efficiently use resources and distribute income.

With a minor in Economics, you will become familiar with the important economic, financial, and market terminology and processes necessary for majors that need to make informed decisions about the motion of people, capital, and goods across the globe.

Students using computers in the finance lab
Finance Lab

This "Finance Hub" is equipped with 10 Bloomberg Terminals and other financial service software. It also hosts finance classes and our workshops that will engage students with additional software tools that financial professionals use, including:

  • Financial Analysis Software—Bloomberg Terminal access
  • MoneyGuide Pro
  • RightCapital
  • RiskAylze
  • Income Lab
  • AssetMap

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Interested in a career in Politics, Philosophy, or Economics?

If you’re interested in being globally engaged with economics and politics, check out Taylor’s Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) major. With the interdisciplinary PPE major, you will gain a holistic understanding of contemporary issues through economic and political action.

Levi Boxell Thumbnail
Levi Boxell
Class of 2015
"A unique aspect of Taylor is that you have a greater opportunity to get to know the professors. Having a close relationship with one or two professors was impactful in my time at Taylor. Faculty are willing to go out of their way to make sure students' needs and interests are met."

Economics Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog.

Foundational Core

The Foundational Core classes will give you a big-picture view of how your calling connects with God's purpose for your life, engaging with ideas that will demonstrate how God has given you certain talents and skills to bring healing to the world. You’ll become a well-versed individual, equipped with critical thinking skills, a lifelong love of learning, and an appreciation for God's creation.

View Foundational Core Curriculum.

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