Musical Theatre Major

Tapping into Musical Theatre

Taylor’s BFA in Musical Theatre is for serious artists who are passionate about music, theatre, and dance. Taylor Theatre provides a unique space for artists to engage with difficult questions while pursuing excellence in a collaborative community of performers.

Music, Dance & Theatre faculty will challenge you to take your art to the next level and engage your faith with your understanding of the theatre arts. As an artist, you will be challenged to embrace performance techniques that will set you apart in the musical theatre world.

Setting the Scene

The Musical Theatre degree curriculum focuses on honing your creative skills in acting, musical and opera, and various styles of dance. Learn how to prepare for professional auditions, develop acting techniques, build and refine a vocal and monologue repertoire, and make a living in the theatre industry. Take vocal diction and strengthening lessons with vocal coaches and learn ballet, tap, jazz, and musical terminology and techniques in performance dance classes. Other theatre classes go behind-the-curtains to get a closer look at stagecraft, theatre history, stage diction, and play directing.

During your senior year, you will develop your own music theatre showcase, featuring a variety of musical theatre genres. The Musical Theatre program culminates with a capstone performance, demonstrating students' skills and talents through scenes, monologues, and songs.

Taylor Theatre Productions

At Taylor, faith is not compartmentalized, but it strongly informs and influences everything we do. Every Taylor Theatre production is an opportunity to identify spiritual themes, wrestle with our brokenness, and look to the cross. Mitchell Theater hosts most of our musical theatre and opera productions, where our students audition for a variety of roles and practice on stage what is taught in the classroom.

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Musical Theatre Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

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Tracy Manning, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts

Patricia Robertson, Department Chair of Music, Theatre & Dance & Professor of Music

Judy Kirkwood, Theatre Program Assistant