Music Composition Major/Minor

Making Music

Explore your musical and creative gifts with a Music Composition major. You will experiment with different instruments and textures of sound, develop your individual composition style, and consider the role of music in different cultures around the globe.

Along with providing a solid background in music theory, our program familiarizes you with brass, woodwind, percussion, and string instruments, putting theory into action through hands-on composition labs.

Theory and Practice of Music Composition

Our music theory training involves essential elements of tonal theory and harmony, principles of part writing, melodic phrase analysis, and diatonic harmonic progression. You’ll learn the general “rules” of composing and, through every composition class, develop original pieces.

Your course work will let you analyze the structures and designs of historic composers’ pieces to inform your own compositions and use modern music technology to strengthen your technical composition skills across a variety of genres and musical styles. You will learn how to arrange choral and instrumental works, practice conducting, and gain extensive performance experience through ensemble participation. Every Music Composition student concludes their music education with a senior recital, performing their original compositions.

A Music Composition major prepares you to study further in graduate school, teach theory and/or composition at a high school or college levels, and compose or arrange sacred or secular music. This major also leads to numerous opportunities in radio, television, and other related fields.

Music Composition Minor

A minor in Music Composition assists students in developing their music composition skills for classical or popular applications. Choose to focus on instrumental, choral, or electro-acoustic composition to apply your passion for music to various fields. Majors in Christian Ministries or Film and Media Production may be interested in adding this minor to their degrees.

Music Composition Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

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