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Exercise Science majors have a passion for wellness and nutrition.

Exercise Science


Running the Path That’s Right for You

With a passion for human health, Taylor’s Exercise Science majors learn how physical activity and proper nutrition can improve holistic health and human performance—mind, body, and soul.

As an Exercise Science major, you will take chemistry, biology, and anatomy and physiology courses to learn how the body adapts acutely and chronically to exercise. Classes in fitness and performance assessment will teach you proper techniques to determine an individual’s health risks and needs and the best exercise prescriptions and nutritional regimes.

But preparation for your career and calling doesn’t stop with classes. Exercise Science majors have access to opportunities for direct patient clinical hours, life-changing study abroad experiences, and research opportunities. With personalized academic guidance from faculty with industry expertise, it’s no wonder our students regularly are accepted into the best PT, OT, and medical graduate programs in the country, with a 99% acceptance rate.

A student helping a woman use a bicycle
Clinical Experiences

You’ll have many opportunities to work directly with patients and clients through clinical experiences.

  • The Invitation program helps local community members to form lifestyle habits that prevent diabetes and other preventable diseases. Currently, it is on track to become a CDC-certified program.
  • Live Well, is a family-based, clinical program in partnership with Marion Pediatrics. Supervised by faculty, students coach children and their families to create and sustain healthy movement, dietary, and sleep habits.
  • Fit into Health brings students alongside adults through a personal training program. Students assess their clients’ fitness and health, and design workouts to help them reach their goals. One-on-one exercise sessions take place on campus.
  • Other opportunities include cardiac rehab and CNA training.

Students standing on a steep road in Ecuador
Study Abroad in Ecuador

This study abroad program in Ecuador provides a full-immersion experience into Latin American culture, the Spanish language, and the beautiful country of Ecuador while taking classes in a major field of study or in general education. You'll experience a multi-disciplinary semester with a core of Ecuadorian culture and Spanish language study. Departmental courses and practicum experience in the students’ areas of specialization are provided in Biology, Business, Christian Education, and Exercise Science, as well as general education courses in history, literature, and science.

Go to Ecuador
A professor watching a student do a push up on an exercise ball
Exercise Science Research Opportunities

Exercise Science majors propose and conduct interdisciplinary research with professional-grade equipment in the Human Performance Laboratory and Eichling Aquatics Wing as well as in our local communities. Students present their research at local and international conferences, such as the annual Experimental Biology conference or the Midwestern American College of Sports Medicine conference.

A student walking down the hallway with an elderly man
Exercise Science Careers

According to the US Bureau of Labor, employment of exercise physiologists is projected to grow 11 percent from 2019 to 2029. Exercise Science opens up doors to careers in physical therapy, occupational therapy, personal training, coaching, and other health and wellness roles. Taylor’s faculty members will offer guidance and suggested curriculum that match your goals and academic progress.

Sara Malliet
Class of 2019
"My professors at Taylor taught me the importance of and meaning behind work. In one of my Exercise Science classes, we read Dorothy Sayers' essay entitled "Why Work?". In it, Sayers writes, 'If work is to find its right place in the world, it is the duty of the Church to see to it that the work serves God, and that the worker serves the work.' I came to realize that no matter what career path I would follow, I wanted my work to ultimately serve God."

Exercise Science Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog.

Foundational Core

The Foundational Core classes will give you a big-picture view of how your calling connects with God's purpose for your life, engaging with ideas that will demonstrate how God has given you certain talents and skills to bring healing to the world. You’ll become a well-versed individual, equipped with critical thinking skills, a lifelong love of learning, and an appreciation for God's creation.

View Foundational Core Curriculum.

A student throwing a weighted therapy ball

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