Exercise Science majors have a passion for wellness and nutrition.

Exercise Science Major

Running the Path That’s Right for You

With a passion for exercise and nutrition, Taylor’s Exercise Science majors learn how physical activity and proper nutrition can improve physical, emotional, and psychological health and performance.

As an Exercise Science major, you will take chemistry, biology, and anatomy and physiology courses to learn how the body functions before, during, and after exercise. Classes in fitness and performance assessment will teach you proper techniques to determine an individual’s health needs and the best exercise prescriptions and nutritional regimes.

Training for Life’s Marathon

Exercise Science majors have the opportunity to propose and conduct interdisciplinary research with the professional-grade equipment in the Human Performance Laboratory and Eichling Aquatics Wing. Students can present their research at national conferences, such as the annual Experimental Biology conference or the Midwestern American College of Sports Medicine regional conference.

Contact a professor to learn more about Taylor University’s Kinesiology programs.

Exercise Science Concentrations

Every Exercise Science major chooses one of two tracts:

  • Pre-Allied Health
    Are you planning for a medical career? Dive into the medical applications of human physiology, exercise, and nutrition while preparing for graduate school or post-graduate careers in an allied health field. Students in this track will gain hands-on diabetes prevention experiences on campus and cardiac rehabilitation training with local hospitals.
  • Health Science and Human Performance
    Do you want to help others maintain healthy lifestyles? Focus on the physical aspect of exercise science by studying exercise techniques, physical wellness, nutritional therapy, pharmacotherapy, and physical fitness. You can put your skills to the test by training adults in the Fit into Health fitness program or leading fitness classes for senior citizens through our Life Independent through Exercise program.

Exercise Science Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

Contact the Kinesiology Department

Dr. Matt Renfrow, Department Co-Chair & Professor of Kinesiology

Dr. Brandon Dykstra, Department Co-Chair & Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Sonya Martinez, Kinesiology Program Assistant