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Social Studies students learn to teach at the secondary level.

Social Studies Education


Classroom Experience Starts Your Freshman Year

Learn to share your fascination for history, geography, government, or economics with our Social Studies Education major. You will be trained to instill an understanding of complicated systems and subjects of our world into young minds. With such diverse subjects, from American government to macroeconomics, we focus on making these topics accessible and interesting to middle and high school students.

Our Social Studies Education program will teach you how to discipline, assess, and manage your own classroom. You will begin observing and assisting in the classroom during your freshman year and continue gaining more responsibility until your student teaching experience, where you will teach at two different schools and grade levels during your senior year.

By graduation, you will be equipped with the top-notch tools necessary to teach social studies and feel comfortable in your own middle school or high school classroom.

Get on track for these careers

  • Middle School History Teacher
  • High School History Teacher
  • Middle School Social Sciences Teacher
  • High School Social Sciences Teacher 
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Launching into Your Classroom

Education majors spend a full semester of their senior year teaching real students locally or internationally. Each Education student teaches at two different schools, preparing you to manage your own classroom after graduation.

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American Enterprise Institute Council

Taylor’s branch of the American Enterprise Institute Council allows students to get involved in a national organization, make professional connections, participate in advanced research projects, and promote political discussions across campus.

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Study Abroad

Taylor’s History, Global, and Political Studies programs offer opportunities to study global history, economics, politics, and culture overseas. Students interested in studying the Middle East can spend a semester at Jerusalem University, or travel to Latin America, Spain, London, and more.

Study Abroad Opportunities
Joel Bierre
Class of 2016
"Taylor gave me a long-lasting and amazing community. It’s unique to see that community extending beyond. Because of this expectation of what community looks like, it’s been easier to be intentional about that here in Memphis."

Social Studies Concentrations

Social Studies Education majors take additional history electives and complete one of the following required concentrations:


Learn how economics works on the local, national, and international levels and discover how it interacts with other areas of society.

Geographical Perspectives

Learn how geography has impacted history and the development and expansion of civilization.

Government and Citizenship

Gain an understanding of governmental functions and citizens’ roles and responsibilities.

Historical Perspectives

Gain a broad and comprehensive understanding of historical concepts, terms, and sources, and know how to help your students apply that information to the 21st century.


Study the inner workings of the mind and how it affects human behavior. Earn an additional certification to teach psychology in secondary schools.


Study the building blocks of societies—culture, philosophy, family structure, etc.—and how societal differences impact inter-societal relations.

Social Studies Education Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog.

Liberal Arts Foundational Core

A Taylor liberal arts education will prepare you to live and work in a fast-changing world. It also goes a step further: laying a strong spiritual foundation that cultivates wisdom. You’ll become a well-versed individual, equipped with critical thinking skills, a lifelong love of learning, and an appreciation for God’s creation.

View Foundational Core Curriculum.

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Make History Come Alive for Your Students

Social studies courses cover in-depth American and world history, international and domestic politics, and global geography. You will examine unique topics, such as ethnic and minority issues and cultural anthropology, and make connections between historical events and political, economic, sociological, and cultural factors. Along with education courses that will help you improve your teaching methods, you’ll take adolescent and education psychology classes to learn about mental development and effective teaching practices.

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