Mathematics Education Major

The Value of a Math Education

Learn to spread your love for mathematics by breaking down complicated methods, theories, and equations for your own students. In this program, you will combine a robust Mathematics major with exemplary, hands-on preparation for teaching and be prepared to teach at either the middle or high school level.

Secondary mathematics teachers are in high demand, and Mathematics Education graduates can make an impact by instilling an understanding and passion for numbers and problem solving in those you teach.

Adding up Your Education

After learning to grasp various areas of mathematics—from linear algebra to advanced calculus—you will learn to apply your knowledge to the classroom. Through student teaching; practicums and classroom observations; and courses in educational psychology, discipline and classroom management, assessment, and educational technology, you will gather the skills and insights to best conduct your own classroom.

Get Involved in Education

Students pursuing a Mathematics Education degree begin working in local classrooms during their freshman years. Building more classroom responsibilities over four years, our students complete a full semester of student teaching during their senior years. Student teachers will have two different placements, with opportunities to teach math abroad.

For more information on Education opportunities, check out our Education philosophy.

Mathematics Education Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

Contact the Mathematics Department

Dr. Jeremy Case, Department Chair & Professor of Mathematics