English Education Major

Bringing English Education to Life

Do you love reading, writing, and analyzing literary works? With an English Education degree, you can share your literary passions by teaching career in middle school or high school. English courses dive deep into classical and contemporary works of American, British, and world writers and thinkers. You will hone your creative and analytical writing skills, learn different approaches to literary criticism, and develop an understanding of grammar and composition.

By the Books of Education

Along with taking classes to develop your writing and literary analysis skills, you'll also take courses to prepare you for running a classroom. Education courses provide practical training in educational psychology, classroom management and discipline, and assessment methods for middle and high school classrooms. You will also be trained in varied approaches to teaching English and engaging secondary education students in English literature and creative writing.

Every English Education major completes a semester of full-time teaching during their senior year. The semester is split between two placements in different schools, in Indiana or abroad, in different grade levels.

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English Education Curriculum & Degree Options

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