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Modern Languages Program

Part of English & Modern Languages Department

Crossing Invisible Borders

Become a highly proficient communicator and deepen your social and cultural understanding by taking courses in the Modern Languages program. Our program offers classes in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean, though our Modern Languages program primarily focuses on Spanish.

As a Modern Languages major at Taylor, you will improve your language skills within a broad Christian liberal arts context. Our classes offer the opportunity to explore Spanish-speaking cultures and enhance your knowledge of other cultures and religious practices. Learn to communicate effectively with people from all over the world and experience intentional cross-cultural service.

Immersive Modern Language Learning

In some educational settings, students learning foreign languages may only be exposed to one accent. This is not the case at Taylor. Our classes are taught by a number of bilingual professors with varying accents and backgrounds, who will invest not only in your growth of fluency but also in your spiritual walk. We also have students from Latin American, European, and African countries who offer their own perspectives and expertise during language tutoring sessions.

A number of travel opportunities are available, allowing you the chance to interact with native speakers, connect to their cultures in a personal and rewarding way, and gain deeper language understanding. The Modern Languages program offers study abroad semester experiences in Spain and Ecuador, January trips to Spain and Chile, and summer programs in Spain and South America.

J-Term in Chile
Semester in Spain
Summer in Spain and South America

General Language Requirements and Placement Exam

Bachelor of Arts students are required to take four semesters of one foreign language. Students with a strong background in Spanish or French are encouraged to take the Spanish or French Placement Exam (CLEP) because they could test into advanced classes that will fit their skill level. Taylor only offers Advanced French classes for language completion. The Modern Languages department also offers Korean and Mandarin Chinese courses to fulfill this requirement.

More Info On Foreign Language Requirements

Translating Your Future

As a graduate of our program, you will be qualified to work in teaching, translation, missions, governmental work, social service agencies, and cross-cultural outreach programs. With a near-100% career placement rate, Spanish and Spanish Education majors have no reason to worry about finding a job post-graduation.

Department News

Taylor Student’s Positivity Featured on National News Thumbnail

Taylor Student’s Positivity Featured on National News

Mar 25, 2020

When the coronavirus began to spread across the globe, Taylor University called back students studying abroad for the semester in consideration of their safety and health. The news is understandably flooded with stories highlighting the worst, but one testimony stood out from the abundance of bad news.

Faculty & Staff

Profile image of Carie King

Department Chair

Carie King

Department Chair & Associate Professor of English

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Chin Chang

Professor of Spanish

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Geoff Hoffmann

Assistant Professor, Mandarin Chinese/ESL (English as a Second Language)

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Josh Wood

Visiting Instructor of Spanish