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Equipped with Truth

Taylor University’s Psychology department provides a deep and purposeful integration of psychology and Christianity. Our Psychology professors take on the science of psychology and the struggles with morality facing the world today while standing on the Truth and preparing you to do the same.

The varied interests and experiences of our faculty—ranging from studying adolescents and digital media to sex trafficking and peace and reconciliation efforts in South Africa—enable us to offer diverse courses. No matter your interest—whether it’s working in a hospital or prison or with AIDS victims in Ireland, or planning for graduate school—our faculty can help you grow and apply your passion and knowledge wherever God is calling you.

Approaches to Learning

Our Psychology program is based on professional growth and hands-on education. Taylor uses three approaches:

  • Practicum Experience: Gain local hands-on experience working with clients and patients. You will participate in a practicum associated with psychology, whether it’s in a hospital, clinic, camp, or elsewhere.
  • Research Experience: Our students get the chance to work with a professor and small team on an advanced research project. They can then present their research at conferences, and several have won cash awards for their poster presentations. Previous projects have covered children’s concepts of God, critical thinking development, intercultural development, and impacts of sex trafficking.
  • Intercultural Experience: One of our professors often takes students to Dublin, Ireland, to study people with HIV/AIDS. Other faculty members travel with students to the Bahamas to study leadership and mental health or to South Africa for projects associated with peace and reconciliation. Domestic trips travel to inner-city communities to study the needs in education.

Envisioning Your Future

Grad Programs

Many of our graduates have gone on to earn their master’s degree. Here are a few recommended graduate schools for our Psychology students:

  • Ball State University
  • Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Harvard University
  • Indiana University
  • Leheigh University
  • Rosemead School of Psychology
  • Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • University of Arizona
  • University of Denver
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Wisconsin
  • University of Wyoming
  • Wesley Seminary
  • Wheaton College Graduate School

Career Opportunities

Our alumni have worked in market research, sports psychology, educational psychology, higher education, computer science, and even forensics. Around 75% of our graduates have gone on to graduate school to fight sex trafficking and work as counselors with children, juvenile delinquents, and handicapped or abused people.

With a 95% career placement rate, our Psychology department alongside the Calling and Career Office will fully prepare you to attain a job or internship after graduation.

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Department News

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Faculty & Staff

Profile image of Diane Dungan

Department Chair

Diane Dungan

Department Chair and Associate Professor of Psychology

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Jacinda Carder

Psychology Program Assistant

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Laura Edwards

Assistant Professor of Psychology

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Laura Gerig

Associate Professor of Psychology

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Vance Maloney

Professor of Psychology

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Laura McClelland

Assistant Professor of Psychology

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Scott Moeschberger

Professor of Psychology and Director, Initiatives for Vulnerable & Orphaned Children