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Taylor Students in ROTC Military Service Program.

ROTC Training Program

Taylor University’s Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program allows students to train in a college Army officer commissioning program while earning their bachelor’s degree. Through partnerships with fellow Indiana ROTC programs, Taylor cadets will attain a Military Science education and, as a part of the Wildcat Company, prepare to serve in the US Army with leadership and excellence.

Key Benefits of ROTC

  • Help paying for college: 100% of tuition and fees based on merit and grades, and the option to cover room and board instead for qualifying cases. Scholarships are offered on a 2-, 3-, or 4-year basis. In addition, you’ll receive $420 per month for personal expenses and $1,200 per year for books.
  • Pursue any major at Taylor University.
  • Graduate as a 2nd Lieutenant, with a guaranteed career as an Army Officer.
  • Choose from wide range of careers in many places around the world.

Financial Aid Information

Your financial aid package includes the Taylor Room & Board Grant. Tuition and fees are covered by ROTC or VA benefits, and this grant covers the cost of your housing and meal plan. This grant is awarded for a maximum of eight semesters, provided you live in campus housing, are enrolled full-time, and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

This grant is awarded to students receiving full tuition benefits from ROTC or the VA. These students are not eligible for any other aid from Taylor. For VA students receiving less than full tuition from the VA, you can receive regular merit aid from Taylor, but not the Room & Board Grant.

Elements of the ROTC Program

Taylor partners with nearby ROTC programs at Indiana Wesleyan and Ball State University to provide extensive training and benefits to our cadets.

Academic Accountability and Coursework

ROTC cadets must maintain a GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0. This academic accountability helps cadets maintain their excellence as high-achieving students. There are also military science courses students must complete as a part of their college curriculum. These courses are taken in conjunction with Indiana Wesleyan University ROTC and may meet foundational core requirements at Taylor.

The Military Science curriculum includes, but is not limited to, the following classes, which are held on the Indiana Wesleyan University campus:

Introduction to Military Science (MSC-101)

Studies the organization, history, and traditions of the United States Army and the characteristics and skills that future leaders will need to develop. Covers military skills such as first aid, rifle marksmanship, and land navigation.

Introduction to Leadership (MSC-102)

Incorporates small group exercises with various military and communication skills to introduce the real world situations that future leaders may face. Includes active participation in discussions and activities.

Builds on topics discussed in MSC-101.

Leadership / Military Tactics (MSC-201)

Examines light infantry tactics. Introduction to squad movement techniques, ambushes, reconnaissance, movement to contact, advanced land navigation, drill and ceremony, first aid, and weapons.

Military Leadership and Operations 1 & 2 (MSC-301 & MSC-302)

Military Leadership and Operations 1
Introduction to military planning methodology. Develop oral and written communication skills through introduction to small unit tactics and operations.

Military Leadership and Operations 2
Analysis of leadership and management problems using military tactics at the squad level. Train on individual skills.

Prerequisite: MSC-202; permission of the department.

Leadership Challenges and Goal Setting (MSC 401)

Plan, conduct, and evaluate activities of the ROTC cadet organization. Develop confidence in skills to lead people and manage resources. Develop counseling and motivating techniques.

Prerequisite: MSC-302; permission of the department.

Transition to Lieutenant (MSC-402)

Continues the methodology from MSC-401. Refine counseling and motivating techniques and prepare for a future as a successful Army lieutenant.

Prerequisite: MSC-401; permission of department.

Leadership and Physical ROTC Training

In addition to completing the courses required for their major and Military Science courses, ROTC cadets also participate in training opportunities.

  • A field training exercise (FTX) once per semester (3-4 days, off-campus)
  • Weekly fitness training*
  • 2-hour lab weekly to build on classroom knowledge*

Cadets will also participate in summer field training experiences after their junior and senior years of college.

*Ftness training and 2-hour lab are held jointly on the IWU campus and Taylor campus.

Prepared for Army Reserve Officer Position

When students graduate from the college ROTC program, they are guaranteed a position in the Army ranking as a 2nd lieutenant. Reserve officers in the Army can enter into four basic fields, which include more than 25 branches. After further training, there are numerous special operations forces and functional area branches officers can apply for to gain specialized skills and experiences.

After serving in the military, officers can attain a variety of careers knowing they:

  • Have already earned a college degree
  • Can offer qualifications in their specific field
  • Possess multiple leadership experiences

How to Join ROTC at Taylor

All Taylor students are welcome to apply to and participate in ROTC without contract obligations as freshmen or sophomores (military scholarships will not be included).Once you are here, you can get involved in the weekly fitness training and register for Military Science 101. As a 2nd-semester freshman, you can commit to the ROTC program and apply for the ROTC scholarship. 

Questions about ROTC? Contact Us!

Scott Oleson, Admissions Counselor

Nathan Dunn, Ball State ROTC 

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