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students tossing a ball in physical therapy

Health Professions Advising

If you’re interested in working in health care, Taylor faculty will offer guidance in designing your academic experience to prepare for your career. Their passion is to help students achieve their dream of becoming a qualified, compassionate Health Sciences professional. Taylor students have gone on to pursue careers in allopathic medicine (conventional medicine), osteopathic medicine (wholistic preventative medicine), dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, physician’s assistant, physical therapy, genetic counseling, pharmaceuticals, and other advanced graduate level training in the medical sciences.

Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Veterinary, Pre-PA, Pre-Optometry Advising

Our Health Professions Coordinator, Dr. Stuart Walker, walks students through the proper steps on pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-veterinary tracks, pre-physician assistant, and pre-optometry advising. Drawing on his experience as a member of a medical school admissions committee, medical school campus dean, and longtime medical educator, Dr. Walker aspires to help students develop a plan that will make them competitive for admission to the school and program of their choice. 

Dr. Walker meets with students to provide ongoing advice about their path and act as a sounding board for questions. Set up a meeting with Dr. Walker to review your plan for preparation for professional or graduate school, including:

  • Academic coursework—in conjunction with academic counselors
    • For (1) MCAT or GRE preparation, (2) meeting academic prerequisites for professional schools, and (3) gaining knowledge and skills needed to be successful in professional or graduate school
  • Volunteering and cross-cultural experiences
  • Research opportunities
  • Shadowing experiences
  • Clinical volunteering or employment
  • Interview skills

Dr. Walker is located in Euler Science Complex 039, and is available by appointment. 

Pre-Physical Therapy Advising

For students interested in becoming a physical therapist or other profession within Health Sciences, faculty at Taylor have a proven track record of success. Dr. Scott Fenstermacher is a licensed physical therapist, and he will work one-on-one with you to ensure you have the prerequisite courses, extracurricular experiences, patient exposure, and other key aspects of undergraduate work that will prepare you well for continuing education.

Dr. Fenstermacher is located in the Eichling Aquatics Wing 106 of the Kesler Student Activities Center. 

Graduate School Preparation

Taylor faculty help students prepare for their graduate school entrance interviews and exams, (i.e.  MCAT, GRE, OAT, and DAT). In addition to a junior-level class that covers entrance exams and an introductory freshman year class, faculty will work one-on-one to help students develop personal statements, coordinate recommendation letters, and present themselves as desirable applicants.

Ongoing Support

Your access to our Health Professions Advising program does not stop after graduation. Advising and services are available to Taylor graduates who take gap years before enrolling in medical school or other graduate programs. Faculty are always happy to connect with alumni and continue to support them however they can.