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Student in Taylor University Rugby Club Running Towards the Opponent's In-Goal Area.

Rugby Team

Taylor offers men’s and women’s rugby club teams. 

A member of the Indiana Rugby Union, the Men’s Rugby Club plays matches against all teams in the Northern Division of the IRU. In 2021, the team advanced to the Collegiate Rugby Championship, playing against top teams from across the country.

The women’s team just started in 2021, and they are having a strong season even as they’re building a team, recently winning all three games in a tournament and winning the Challenge Cup. 

The club plays a minimum of 4-5 15’s matches in the fall season and at least eight 10’s and 7’s matches in the spring season.

Taylor’s rugby team’s home field is the only field in the IRU with bleachers and a scoreboard. The home matches are among the best attended in the division.

Team Membership and Requirements

A commitment on and off the field is required for membership. The rugby club requires players to attain a minimum average grade of C-, participate in at least 90% of practices (excused absences do not count against eligibility), and pay a required fee by USA Rugby. There are also club fees, which vary from year to year. Club membership waivers and forms must be filled out upon joining.

At Taylor, rugby is more than simply playing the game. Players build close relationships with each other, creating a strong team dynamic.

Taylor’s rugby team is a partner to a local outreach ministry, Carpenter’s Hands. Team members support local families and organizations through shed and residential wheelchair ramp construction and build-a-home-in-a-day projects. The club also has helped other local ministries through coordinated efforts varying from moving large quantities of furniture to doing miscellaneous work projects.

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Emilia Grunden ’24

"Rugby has shown me that I am capable of so much more. It’s given me a group of people that help and guide me not only spiritually but intellectually. I am wholeheartedly grateful for this sport and am glad that I joined. I joined a sport where I am accepted for my flaws as a person, but I am helped so those flaws don’t hinder me. We carry each other. We are each other’s backbones."

Interested in Playing Rugby at Taylor?