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If you’re looking for an education with long-lasting value that will stretch your mind while challenging you to fulfill your purpose and Christ’s calling for your life, we believe Taylor could be a great place for you.

Deciding where you should attend college is a big step, and we know the process can be overwhelming. We are thankful you are considering Taylor University in this journey. Our greatest hope is that when you complete your college applications and schedule your visits, you have confidence in discerning which college is right for you.

We encourage you to apply to Taylor because our college admission process will not only help us determine if you’re a good fit for Taylor but if Taylor is a good fit for you. With each step, we learn a new piece of your story that brings us closer to understanding who you are and you learn more about how God could use you during and beyond your Taylor college experience.

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A Commitment to Christ, A Commitment to Excellence

As a part of the application process, 100% of Taylor students, faculty, and staff make a profession of faith. That means every professor you take a class with, every roommate you share space with, and every classmate you bond with claims a commitment to Jesus Christ and agrees to live out their Christian faith. By choosing Taylor, you will join our community of believers who seek to put Christ at the center of everything we do.

And that’s not something we take lightly.

All of our classes—from art to biology—incorporate Christian principles and allow students to see how their faith interact with their disciplines. Through the purposeful discipleship of our faculty, our students are encouraged to pursue their passions and disciplines wholeheartedly, without compromising their faith.

Our Christian liberal arts curriculum also provides valuable cross-disciplinary skills that are sought after in the professional realm. Taylor University graduates have a 98% success rate, meaning nearly all Taylor graduates secure a full-time or part-time job, post-graduate internship, or graduate school placement within six months of graduation.

Interested in the success rates of specific disciplines? Check out our departments’ placement rates.

Meet Your Admissions Counselor

Our Admissions Counselors are dedicated to shepherding you through the application process. Your counselor is chosen based on your declared or undeclared major. They are excited to listen to unique stories from each student they guide.

Find your Admissions Counselor to ask questions, find out more information, or just chat about how you might fit into Taylor.

Find Your Admissions Counselor
Arts, Biblical Studies, & Humanities majors Jared Burgess
Business & Education majors Scott Oleson
Homeschool students Kristin Hoover
International students & Applied Science majors Yosef Teklewold
Natural Science majors Steve Apple
Social Science & Pre-Major (Undecided) majors Dara Syswerda
Transfer students Michael Miller

Affording Taylor

Taylor is an investment in your future. If figuring out how you can afford Taylor is the only thing standing in your way from applying, then let us help you make a plan to fund your education.

96% of Taylor’s student body receives financial assistance from scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study employment. This means that, for most students, our listed tuition price will not be what you pay for your college education, but the value of your degree stays the same!

To make tuition more affordable, donors, many of whom graduated from Taylor, offer generous scholarship opportunities to allow students like you to benefit from the valuable education you will receive at Taylor.

Check out scholarship and financial aid opportunities on our Tuition & Funding page.

Is Taylor Right for You?

The only way you can know if Taylor is right for you is to come and see for yourself.

For questions or changes regarding an already scheduled visit, contact the Visit Program staff at visit@taylor.edu or by calling 765-998-5134. Please include your name and state in the email.

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Amy Barnett, Executive Director of Admissions
Nate Chu, Assistant Director of Admissions
Jesslyn Ridge, Coordinator of Individual Visits