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Dr. Stefan Brandle Appointed to the Ronald L. McDaniel Endowed Chair of Computing and System Sciences

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Stefan Brandle accepting award with President Michael Lindsay and Provost Jewerl Maxwell

Dr. Stefan Brandle, Co-Chair and Professor of Computer Science & Engineering has been appointed to the Ronald L. McDaniel Endowed Chair of Computing and System Sciences at Taylor University. Endowed chair positions are reserved for faculty members who have excelled in their role. They are endowed by a donor to provide a stipend as well as funds for the faculty member to draw upon for programming. Endowed by Ronald L. McDaniel, this chair was formally established in 2000 to honor outstanding faculty in Computing and System Sciences.

Dr. Brandle was recommended by Taylor University’s Provost, Dr. Jewerl Maxwell, with the concurrence of Taylor University’s President, Dr. Michael Lindsay, and the Board of Trustees to be the incumbent holder of this prestigious chair. Dr. Brandle’s outstanding service to the Taylor community and unwavering commitment to the Taylor mission supports this appointment.

Dr. Brandle holds a Bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College as well as a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He then received a Fulbright Scholar Fellowship at the University of Mauritius in 2008. Prior to joining the Taylor faculty in 1999, Dr. Brandle served as Visiting Professor and Adjunct Professor at Handong Global University in South Korea. Currently, Dr. Brandle serves as a Full Professor and Co-Chair of Computer Science & Engineering at Taylor.

His contributions to pedagogy, research, and service have deeply impacted the Taylor community. For 25 years, Dr. Brandle has developed and facilitated curriculum, mentored students, and has practiced the integration of faith and learning in the classroom. As an author of multiple peer-reviewed publications, book publications, presentations, workshops, and educational outreach opportunities, Dr. Brandle has demonstrated dedication to excellence in scholarship and research. Additionally, he has received multiple research grants from organizations including NearSpace Launch, Lockheed-Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories, National Science Foundation, and more. He is committed to professional global engagement and leveraging strategic partnerships for the purposes of meritorious work with students. Most recently, Dr. Brandle helped solidify funding for Taylor’s Center for Missions Computing, which gives students opportunities to use their computing skills to advance the Kingdom of God.

“Dr. Brandle loves the Lord, is committed to excellence, brings a wealth of international experience to the classroom, and has been critical in Taylor's relationship building with Lockheed Martin and NearSpace Launch. For these reasons, and more, Dr. Brandle is a natural fit for this endowed chair appointment”, says Provost Jewerl Maxwell. Dr. Brandle joins Dr. Philip Byers, who holds the Halbrook Chair of Civic Engagement and Dr. Rachel Smith, who holds the Gilkison Chair of Art.