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Film Camp

Plunge into the world of filmmaking! Fueled by your creativity, this high-energy and fast-paced film production week on Taylor’s campus in Upland, Indiana, will take you from concept, to scripting, through shooting and post-production editing.

Cost: $600

Dates: June 9-14

What Will Film Camp Be Like?

You’ll join a team and spend five days making a short film. Each team will be led by a current Taylor film student as the team’s producer, and a Taylor faculty member will serve as the team’s executive producer. Previous experience is welcome, but Film Camp is open to everyone. As a team, you will:

  • Write a story that entertains and inspires an audience
  • Format your story using professional scriptwriting software
  • Storyboard the film, imagining the visuals that can bring it to life
  • Scout/find the perfect filming locations
  • Shoot the scenes using professional equipment and local actors (or act in your film if acting is one of your interests). Get familiar with the RED Weapon 8K camera.
  • Capture great sound on location
  • Gain understanding of editing software, editing the footage with your teammates
  • Add music, graphics and closing credits
  • Help design your film's poster
  • Screen the film in front of an audience on the last day

Faith in Action at Film Camp

Taylor’s film camp will encourage high school students to think about how filmmaking, storytelling and relationships with film teammates can give glory to God and serve as growing experiences for your Christian faith. Faculty will make meaningful connections between faith and film, exploring how the two are connected and how your student can use the creative gifts they’ve been given by God in ways that honor God.

Faculty & Staff

For questions about Film Camp, contact Kathy Bruner at 765-499-7484.

John Bruner

Professor of Film & Media Arts

  • MFA, Film, Vermont College of Fine Arts 
  • MA, Education, Instructional Media, Asbury University 
  • BA, Media Communication, Asbury University
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Kathy Bruner

Department Co-Chair and Professor of Film & Media Arts

  • MFA, Filmmaking, Vermont College of Fine Arts 
  • MA, Telecommunication, Baylor University 
  • BA, Broadcast-Communication and Journalism, Asbury University 

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Stephen Bailey

Assistant Professor of Film & Media Arts

  • MFA, Film, Vermont College of Fine Arts
  • MA, Communication, University of Kentucky
  • BA, Media Communication, Asbury University
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Lincoln Reed

Assistant Professor of Film & Media Arts

  • MFA, Creative Writing Miami University (Ohio)
  • BA, Film and Media Production, Taylor University

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Joshua Taylor

Media Engineer & Adjunct Professor of Post-Production

  • BA, Asbury University
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