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Homeschool Students

Taylor’s community thrives on creativity, relational authenticity, and a genuine enthusiasm about integrating faith and learning. It’s an environment where you can build upon your passion for learning and unique high school experiences.

Our 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio enables students to build strong relationships with classmates and professors. The intentional community within our residence halls, where freshmen through seniors live together, feels like family. And Taylor is one of the few schools with a Homeschool Coordinator, who is available to answer the unique questions of homeschool students and their families.

Good news! The application process for a homeschool student is the same as it is for any other student.

Application Requirements

*If the homeschool curriculum has been with an organized program or published curriculum, this should be specified on the transcript. In the absence of such a program or curriculum, a course description and/or reading list for each class should accompany the transcript.

Evaluation Process

All students are evaluated by the same set of standards. Academic preparedness and achievement are examined through the applicant’s grade point average, class rank (if applicable), and SAT, ACT, or CLT scores. Challenging curriculum, including advanced placement and dual credit courses from a college, will be given special consideration.

Students applying to Taylor should complete a challenging academic course load including the following:

Academic Preparation for College
English 4 years
Mathematics 3-4 years; algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, calculus, or trigonometry
Laboratory Science 3-4 years; biology, chemistry, or physics
Social Science 2 years; American History, European History, government, sociology, psychology, or economics
Foreign Language 2 years strongly recommended
Music Introductory course strongly recommended
Art Introductory course strongly recommended

Homeschool Students' Frequently Asked Questions


Contact Kristin Hoover, Homeschool Admissions Counselor, at 765-744-6855 or