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Students practice a worship song

Songwriting and Worship Arts Camp

Turn your love for music into an opportunity to praise the Lord at Taylor’s Songwriting and Worship Arts Camp. This educational experience will expose you to the world of songwriting and worship and will assist you in your ability to express your thoughts through song.

Cost: $550

Dates: June 9–14

What will Songwriting and Worship Camp Be Like?

You will learn from experienced instructors and learn the tools necessary to write your own music. In addition, you will spend portions of each day writing your own music, growing in musical ability, and participating with other talented individuals in teams and bands.

Throughout your week at Taylor, you will be critiqued and taught by experienced faculty, providing a growth experience that will shape the way you write and play music.

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Faith in Action at Songwriting and Worship Camp

Integrating faith with learning is a core value in Taylor’s educational philosophy. Studying worship and songwriting provides opportunities to worship through song while using the gifts God has given to glorify Him. This week will provide high school students with the tools and challenges necessary to grow in their faith through worship and the art of songwriting.


Todd Syswerda

Professor of Music Composition, Songwriting, and Music Technology

  • DA, University of Northern Colorado
  • MM, University of Northern Colorado
  • BM, Taylor University
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