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A Group of Male Students Standing Outside the LaRita Boren Campus Center.

Missionary & Third Culture Students

Over 120 students at Taylor share your experience of being a “third-culture” student, as someone who spent a significant amount of developmental years in a culture other than your passport country. Some have served with their families in missions, and some have traveled the globe with the military or for business. Taylor supports MKs and TCKs with an active chapter of MuKappa, a student organization dedicated to missionary and third culture students. The Office of Intercultural Programs cultivates a safe and welcoming environment for international students, American underrepresented students, and missionary and third culture students, and also provides educational and experiential opportunities for all students, staff, and faculty. 

Visit Virtually or in Person

Visiting campus is the best way to get a sense for what Taylor is really like, and if it’s a good fit for you. If at all possible, we would love for you to visit campus in person. Taylor is open for guests throughout the school year and summer months. Schedule your personal campus tour today!

Applying to Taylor

The application process for third-culture and missionary students is the same as for first-time freshmen. Applications will be reviewed with or without the submission of ACT, SAT, or CLT test scores. More information about Taylor’s "preferred, but flexible" approach can be found on the Apply page. 

Office of Intercultural Programs

The Office of Intercultural Programs (OIP) exists to meet the needs of international students, American underrepresented students, missionary kids (MKs), and third culture kids (TCKs). OIP is committed to the racial, cultural and leadership development of OIP students. OIP also enriches the broader Taylor community by implementing programs that promote awareness of diversity-related issues; encouraging positive, respectful, and meaningful dialogue. The office fosters intercultural community at Taylor by cultivating a safe and welcoming environment and educational opportunities for all students, faculty, and staff.

Learn more about Taylor’s intercultural community and programs that bring students together.

Need Help or Ready for Next Steps?

If you have questions about the application process or about Taylor, please contact your Admissions Counselor.