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Office of the Registrar

While supporting the instructional mission of Taylor University, the Office of the Registrar:

  • Acts to implement and administer University academic policy.
  • Directs and conducts student registration.
  • Maintains timely and accurate records of the academic progress and accomplishments of students, while protecting the privacy of and security for those records.
  • Assists academic departments in ensuring compliance to University policies and procedures pertaining to the observance of academic calendars, testing and grading practices, academic performance and standing, and graduation.
  • Oversees the issuance of official transcripts.
  • Processes enrollment, attendance, athletic eligibility, and additional verifications.
  • Evaluates courses for transfer credit in cooperation with academic departments.
  • Prepares and publishes the University academic catalog, class and examination schedules, registration materials, and academic calendars.
  • Schedules classrooms.
  • Facilitates the reporting and recording of grades.
  • Maintains My TU Degree audits and tracks and certifies the awarding of degrees.

As we continually strive to improve the quality of our service to the Taylor community, the Office of the Registrar welcomes your comments and suggestions.

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