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Life to the Full

The Taylor University story features three primary expressions of personality: the Purposeful Leader, the Committed Connector, and the Joyful Devotee.

In both internal and external communication, whether in person, print, or digital, every message should reflect our unique personality and voice. When we communicate on Taylor’s behalf, we tell Taylor’s story with on-personality messaging. Harness the three dimensions to confidently and consistently craft your message, choosing a storyline or characteristic that would resonate best with your message and audience.

We honor God by giving nothing short of our best

Purposeful Leader


We Honor God By Giving Nothing Short Of Our Best

Taylor University is a place of excellence. Because high standards are our standard, we pursue scholarship with unending energy, we pursue formation with genuine enthusiasm, and we pursue faith with heartfelt passion. And we don’t just see outcomes, we bear fruit. Through an abiding commitment to our mission we send out world-shaping alumni, are blessed to have nationally-influential faculty across a range of disciplines, and maintain a student-centric vision that sets the framework others follow.


Purposeful Leaders demonstrate the confidence, poise, and strength that arise from our legacy and culture of seeking excellence in all things. When expressing this powerful and assertive character type, use language that is clear, assured, and delivers stability. Focus on the tangible achievements of the Taylor community to convey excellence balanced by humility and servant-leadership. The goal is to make audiences feel empowered, influential, and prepared.


The Taylor community seeks excellence in every arena of life, offering a breadth of possibility for visually depicting Purposeful Leaders. Portray subjects demonstrating impact in action—teaching, speaking to groups, and influencing others through their achievements. Through photo compositions, use symmetry and environmental elements to show figures in command of their space. Capture facial expressions and body language that exude confidence, strength, and empowerment.

student riding a bike in taylathon student presenting at shark tank professor teaching a class outside

Through interconnected relationships, we amplify purpose

Committed Connector


Through Interconnected Relationships, We Amplify Purpose

At Taylor University, the love of Christ is made tangible through a posture of hospitality and the genuine compassion that is given and received through being known and pursued. We see mutual connectedness as an essential and treasured part of the Taylor learning experience. Through interactions big and small, we are dedicated to offering extraordinary support and an uncommon sense of community life. Students, staff, and faculty alike—we all participate in the shared goal of uplifting each other daily and stewarding our unique individual gifts to the glory of God.


Committed Connectors are selfless, compassionate, and others-first. They are natural community builders whose instinct for hospitality brings nurture and growth to the people and places around them. When expressing this character type, use a warm and approachable tone, with the goal of creating a personable feel. Be honest and relatable, genuine and intimate, when telling stories of connection and support. The goal is to encourage the audience and cause them to feel safe and supported.


Taylor students, faculty, staff, and alumni demonstrate warmhearted hospitality and compassion in countless ways. These traits come alive in facial expressions that exude care and enthusiasm. Capture these moments with tight crops, blurred backgrounds, and compositions that give a sense of spontaneity and warmth. Use multiple figures to fill frames, and portray them embracing, laughing, and demonstrating the connected life of the Taylor community.

student trainging an adult in fit into health student hugging a professor at graduation students huddling during welcome weekend

Our enthusiasm and joy spark inspired lives to the full

Joyful Devotee


Our Enthusiasm And Joy Spark Inspired Lives To The Full

Living out our shared commitment to whole person development is core to who we are. The immersive experience of our Christian community, equipping students for Kingdom impact, evokes at Taylor a profound spirit of anticipation and joy. Students are invited to wrestle with the world’s heavy issues and are equipped to engage with real challenges—and still, there remains a contagious delight and an uplifting spirit of vibrant togetherness that characterizes the Taylor experience.


Joyful Devotees are passionate, engaging, and infused with warmhearted energy. They bring motivation, enthusiasm, and gladness to those around them. When expressing this character type, use energetic, optimistic and playful language to tell stories of the shared passion that characterizes the Taylor community. Messages of togetherness and vivid experiences bring this character to life. The goal is to inspire and entertain the audience and make them feel exhilarated and happy.


Joyful Devotees bring enthusiasm and motivation to every activity. Highlight these traits by capturing figures in motion–competing, playing, performing, and living out the shared experience of life at Taylor. Use close crops and candid expressions to give a sense of sincere energy. Use subjects who are not camera-aware and who are expressing a sense of entertaining enthusiasm to capture the spirit of Joyful Devotees.

student leading worship in chapel students running cross country and fist bumping student making pottery and smiling