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Colors & Fonts

Color is incredibly powerful in its ability to drive human emotion. Harnessing this power is critical in connecting the viewer to the Taylor brand.

Taylor’s palette is bold and timeless, balanced by energetic and welcoming tones. Collectively, this color palette communicates Taylor’s story of purposeful excellence. The primary design system encompasses virtually all recruiting and admissions-centric communication, and is the front-facing palette for the University.

Taylor Purple is the predominant element of Taylor’s brand and should be the lead and most prominent color, generally 50% or more of any color used. The secondary colors of Legacy Gold and Sharpening Iron Gray are used for support and contrast with purple and for conveying a sense of excellence. They should be approximately 25% of all color used. Tertiary colors of Silent Night, Community Plunge, and Indiana Sunset are used to express energy and spirit when appropriate. They should not overwhelm Taylor Purple and generally should not exceed 25% of color usage.


Primary Color

Taylor Purple

C78 M100 Y0 K38
R82 G45 B114

Secondary Colors

Legacy Gold

C26 M33 Y100 K2
R193 G160 B39

Sharpening Iron

C0 M0 Y0 K29
R178 G180 B190

Tertiary Colors

Silent Night

C100 M71 Y0 K51
R27 G54 B95

Community Plunge

C89 M0 Y19 K0
R0 G175 B206

Indiana Sunset

C0 M82 Y82 K0
R222 G79 B61


Consistent and personality-driven fonts are at the basis of all effective brand standards.

The Taylor brand is made up of a select few typefaces, each with its own specified use in print and web-based materials. These typefaces must be used in all Taylor materials without substitution. Each typeface is available at a variety of weights, offering flexibility for a wide range of applications.

Select Headings


Limited use. Contact Marketing for more information.



Download Montserrat

Body Copy

Source Serif

Download Source Serif

Email Guidelines

As we live into the Taylor brand, it is important to have a professional and consistent approach when communicating via email. For that reason and brand adherence, we ask all employees to choose from one of the following signature block options for their work email. Individuals may add a link for scheduling meetings in addition to these template standards, but no other modifications are permitted without written permission from a vice president or dean. Signature templates will be updated on a rolling basis.


  • Name and Title(s): Helvetica, size 12
  • Taylor University name, address, phone numbers: Helvetica, size 10
  • Body text of email: Calibri, size 11

If you need any assistance with email signatures, please email the Help Desk at

Email Signature Block Option 1

Employee Name
Employee Title(s)

Taylor University—Life to the Full

Email Signature Block Option 2

Taylor University Shield

Employee Name
Employee Title(s)

1846 Main Street
Upland, IN 46989