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Celebrating the Art of Creating and Creation

Do you believe the beauty of God is revealed in His creation? Do you believe Christians, reflecting His nature, are designed to create and appreciate beauty? If so, Taylor University's Art Department is the place for you. Visual arts and design greatly influence our daily lives through our use of social media, photography, advertising, and more. We will prepare you to interpret and engage our image driven culture.

Our Art Department offers several avenues to pursue your passion for beauty. As an undergraduate art major, you will be given strong foundational skills and instruction in your specific area of interest. Along with our core art classes, Taylor offers concentrations in graphic design, photography and 2D and 3D studio. We also provide future art teachers with the necessary background to teach in schools, and a deeper sense of calling and purpose through our unique perspective on the integration of faith and learning.

At Taylor, our desire is not only to build your artistic skill but to also shape your understanding of the significance of art and the role it can play in the world beyond the studio and classroom. We will demonstrate the relationship between our Christian faith and the visual arts, no matter what avenue of art you choose to pursue.

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Josh Welker discusses the importance of Christians creating excellent art amidst an unbelieving world

Interested? Listen to Josh Welker, assistant professor of art, as he discusses the importance of Christians creating excellent art amidst an unbelieving world. Also, learn how Taylor can further challenge and broaden your perspective on culture, faith and belief through supplemental, off-campus art experiences.


Jonathan Bouw outlines the purpose and opportunities offered through the art programWatch Jonathan Bouw, department co-chair and professor of art, as he outlines the purpose and opportunities offered through the art program as well as how you, as an art student, will be well-prepared for life beyond the college experience.



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Metcalf Art Gallery exhibit explores mischief and myth in art

Published: November 05, 2014

Taylor University art exhibit, "A Gap in the Screen: Tracking the Trickster through Myth and Art", explores mischief and myth in art-making.

Art Exhibit Features the Works of Taylor Alumna Julienne Johnson

Published: October 08, 2014

Taylor University’s Metcalf Art Gallery presents Structure and Passion: Julienne Johnson 2008-2014 beginning Thursday, October 16, and continuing until Friday, November 7.

Western Art Display, Accompanying Lectures to be Presented at Taylor University

Published: August 11, 2014

The Spirit of the American West, an exhibit featuring Western art from the private collection of Taylor University friends Leland and LaRita Boren, will be presented on the Taylor campus beginning August 22 and continuing through October 5, 2014. The public is invited and there is no charge for admission.

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