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Online Certificates

Prepare to make a change.

Focus your studies on exactly the material you need for the future you want. The online certificate programs are flexibly designed to fit into a full-time schedule. 

TESOL Certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) 

You want to serve non-English speaking people. Let us help prepare you for the work. The TESOL certificate program is a series of four online classes. The classes are offered at both the undergraduate-level or graduate-level. 

TESOL is one of the preferred and desired means of legitimate employment in restricted access countries.

Professional Writing Certificate

You have a story to tell. Let us help you write it. The Professional Writing Certificate is a series of eight online classes to help you hone your craft. You will study different styles of writing as you find your voice. 

Classes that fit into your schedule.

The structure of the certificates is uniquely flexible, giving you control of the start dates and pace.

You pick the start date for your class—any day of the year. It’s triggered by enrolling for a class. Then, work at your own pace over four months to complete the coursework. You can work on a class any time of the day and never have to be online at a specific time. 

TESOL Classes
TSL 201/TSL 501 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition and the Field of TESOL (3 credits)

This course discusses the role of the English language in the contemporary world and how language and culture shape human interactions. It provides an introductory understanding of the field of second language acquisition, from the perspective of both learning and teaching a new language. It also explores the teaching of English in ministry in U.S. and international contexts.

Field Experience 5 hours

Dormer William Carey Library course pack:

  • Dormer, J.E. (in press). Language learning in ministry: Preparing for cross-cultural language acquisition, chs. 1-2.
  • Dormer, J. E. & Woelk, C. (2018). Teaching English for reconciliation: Pursuing peace through transformed relationships in language learning and teaching, ch. 2
  • Dormer, J. E. (2011). Teaching English in missions: Effectiveness and integrity, chs. 1-3

The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners
Students will purchase the version appropriate for their context and goals:

Profile image of Jan Dormer
Jan Dormer

  • EdD, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning in TESOL, University of Toronto
  • MA, TESOL, Ball State University
  • BA, Elementary Education, Asbury College

TSL 303/TSL 503 Methods and Assessment in TESOL (3 credits)

This course develops understanding and skill in classroom instruction of English learners, including lesson planning, teaching, and assessment. Topics covered include teaching methods and techniques for all aspects of English language development, educational technology, curricular planning, and formative assessment.

Field Experience 20 hours

The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners
Students will purchase the version appropriate for their context and goals:

Profile image of Megan I. Beard
Megan I. Beard

  • PhD, Educational Administration, University of South Carolina
  • MEd, Higher Education & Student Affairs, University of South Carolina
  • TESOL Certificate, Messiah University
  • BARSC, Cross-Cultural Pre-Medical Studies & Women’s Health, University of South Carolina

TSL 305/TSL 505 Pedagogical Grammar and Applied Linguistics in TESOL (3 credits)

Introduces applied linguistics and its practical implications in language teaching. Provides study of English grammar, and how English structures are taught and explained to English learners.10 hours

Field Experience 10 hours
Profile image of Nancy Ackles
Nancy Ackles

  • PhD, Linguistics, University of Washington
  • MA, Linguistics, University of Washington
  • MA, Practical Studies, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary
  • MA, Education, Claremont Graduate School
  • BA, English, Whitman College

TSL 482/TSL 582 Practicum and Seminar in TESOL (3 credits)

This course is comprised of a supervised ESOL field experience totaling a minimum of 40 hours, plus accompanying seminar sessions focused on reflection, development of teaching skill, and TESOL professionalization.

Field Experience 40 hours

The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners
Students will purchase the version appropriate for their context and goals:

Professional Writing Classes

CAC220 Communication Writing Essentials (3 credit hours)

Practice in the fundamentals of business communication. Students complete a variety of assignments exemplifying the types of writing routinely practiced in business settings—including letters, résumés, news releases, reports, proposals, instructions, and other forms of business communication. Emphasis on real world experience and application.

ENG110 College Composition (3 credit hours)

The course provides practice in reading academic articles related to composing, writing clear and effective prose through expository modes including summaries, locating main points, responding to quotes with explanation, relating to quotes with specific personal illustrations, exploratory writing, a formal research paper, and reflections over course objectives and growth as a writer. A brief review of grammar and mechanics is provided via instructive comments in every graded assignment.

ENG240 American Literature (3 credit hours)

A survey of American literary tradition from its origin to the present.

PWR313 Article Writing I (2 credit hours)

An introduction to writing from a Christian worldview and an overview of the different writing genres, with an emphasis on writing articles for publication. Stresses functional skills such as self-editing, interviewing techniques, developing vocabulary skills, and learning to cover news. Through readings and writing assignments, the student will follow a step-by-step process of learning the foundations of article writing.

PWR314 Article Writing II (2 credit hours)

A course concentrating on finding, evaluating, researching and writing the various kinds of nonfiction articles. Self-editing, interviewing techniques and developing vocabulary skills are emphasized as students write humor, how-to, inspirational, investigative, opinion and other types of articles. Building on the foundational skills learned in PWR 313, students will learn the advanced specialty areas of article writing. Students are encouraged to submit their articles for publication.

PWR323 Non-fiction and Scriptwriting (3 credit hours)

Introductory course and workshop in the instruction and practice of writing non-fiction and scriptwriting.

PWR327 Introduction to Fiction Writing (3 credit hours)

An introductory course concentrating on the instruction and practice of writing fiction.

PWR472 Freelance Writing (3 credit hours)

This class is designed to expose writers to the wide range of freelance writing options open to them, along with experimenting with numerous formats and venues of professional writing. Students will be expected to complete their assignments and submit some of them for publication consideration to online and print media.

Admissions Process

Applications are accepted year-round for Taylor University’s online certificates. To apply, please submit the following:

TESOL Certificate Program

Transcripts can be emailed to or mailed to:

Taylor University
ATTN: Dr. Jan Dormer
1846 Main Street
Upland, IN 46989

Professional Writing Certificate

Transcripts can be emailed to or mailed to:

Taylor University Online
ATTN: Certificate Programs
1846 Main Street
Upland, IN 46989


Undergraduate tuition rate: $400 per credit hour
Graduate tuition rate: $450 per credit hour

A three credit hour course totals $1,200 (undergraduate) or $1,350 (graduate) and is due at the time of enrollment. Once paid, you can start the class the next business day. 

TESOL Certification (undergraduate): $4,800 total tuition
TESOL Certification (graduate): $5,400 total tuition
Professional Writing Certificate: $8,800 total tuition

Financial aid is not available for certificate programs. 

Let’s chat about your goals!

For additional information about Taylor University’s online certificates, please contact us!

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Program Manager

  • BA, Biblical Literature, Taylor University (1990)
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