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MAHE Program

What Makes Taylor’s MAHE Program Unique?

MAHE is an academically rigorous environment, but it’s also one of the most supportive and vibrant communities you’ll experience. The sense of camaraderie, care, challenge, and collaboration that occurs among the cohorts of MAHE is truly remarkable. It’s just one explanation for the degree program’s noteworthy 95% retention rate.

MAHE Distinctives


40 credits—two years

MAHE is a 40-credit hour Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Development program. Currently, all courses are taught in person for fall and spring semesters on the campus of Taylor University.


Assistantships guaranteed

The MAHE program guarantees student participation in a two-year paid on-campus assistantship experience, chosen in consultation with faculty and staff mentors. This provides incredible learning opportunities and field experience for MAHE graduates as well as the undergraduate students they will be leading and serving. MAHE students will have at least one additional internship opportunity at Taylor or an institution of their choosing to add to their practical work experience prior to graduation.


Cohort learning

The MAHE program utilizes the cohort model, providing a distinctive learning experience with a small group of peers who will share classroom experiences. Students come from a variety of institutions including small private colleges, large public universities, and institutions in between. Their unique geographical and educational backgrounds and diversity of experiences and perspectives contribute greatly to the value of classroom interactions. The cohort element is an essential part of how students encourage one another to seek the life to which God has called them. Living life together at Taylor provides educational, personal, relational, and spiritual accountability and growth.

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Faculty scholars

Our faculty is comprised of experienced, highly qualified professors who wholly invest in their students and the courses they teach. Taylor students are trained using the scholar-practitioner model, which involves. thoughtful research and interactive classroom instruction with faculty and peers. This enables students to gain the knowledge, skills, values, and practical experiences necessary to deliver effective practices in higher education.

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Original research

You will conduct original research through a faculty-supervised thesis project, which MAHE alumni have described as one of the most meaningful and enjoyable aspects of the program. This academic work provides an excellent opportunity to publish a scholarly contribution to the field of higher education.


Study abroad

MAHE students also have the unique opportunity to participate in a 2-week study abroad experience in Wales as a capstone to the international higher education course. They will attend the Society for Research in Higher Education conference and annual meetings while visiting universities in the United Kingdom. This experience deepens global understanding and equips each graduate for Kingdom work in the growing realm of international higher education.


The MAHE degree program is located in the Larita R. Boren Campus Center at the heart of Taylor’s campus. MAHE offices are located within Student Development, where many of the MAHE staff, faculty, and graduate assistants do their work. Classes are seminar style, and students meet in the Boren Center’s state-of-the-art conference facilities and classrooms.

Accreditation & Professional Standards

The Higher Learning Commission accredits the academic programs of Taylor University.

Taylor also partners with the following programs for continued quality improvement, disciplinary and professional expectations, and professional preparation in student affairs: