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Residence Life

Residence life at Taylor is more than just a bunch of buildings around campus. It’s the relationships you develop with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

The fellowship of our student body is characterized by a desire to come alongside one another in love, service, and accountability. And we understand life is messy, but this is why we do it together—to help build each other up in Christ.

To promote this constructive community atmosphere, all students, faculty, and staff agree to sign and adhere to the guidelines in the Life Together Covenant (LTC), which encourage an active role in servant-leadership and discipleship across campus.

The Taylor Towel

The Taylor Towel is an enduring symbol of servant-leadership that will be given to you when you begin your studies at Taylor, and again at graduation. It reminds us to follow Christ’s example in serving others, even when service and relationships get messy. And no matter where you go after graduation, it connects you to the Taylor family for life as we all serve together for the good of the Kingdom.

Strengthening Disciples

You may think coming to college means leaving the feeling of family behind, but Taylor residence life fosters a close-knit community that feels like a new kind of family.

You’ll notice it the day you arrive on campus. You’ll find that you’re not moving into a “freshman dorm,” because at Taylor, residence halls aren’t divided by class year. The student next door might be a senior who leads the Bible study on your floor, a sophomore who works part-time in the Dining Commons, or a junior who studied overseas.

Taylor recognizes the value of relationships between under and upperclassmen, and living together, students are exposed to a variety of people and opinions as well as a mass of shared experiences. This will give you the opportunity to learn from your fellow students, mentor one another, and grow.

And that’s just one example.

Our commitment to intentional community is one of the fundamental aspects that makes Taylor, Taylor—it’s built into everything we do. Taylor’s community atmosphere will allow you to explore diverse Christian perspectives and be challenged by your colleagues, professors, mentors, and friends. Each residence hall and gathering space has different attributes to build a unique community wherever you end up. Everything at Taylor is facilitated to create an environment that fosters the basic values of Christian community and encourages personal, spiritual, and academic growth.

Contact Residence Life

  • Associate Vice President for Student Development & Director of Residence Life, Julia Hurlow
  • Assistant Director for Residence Life Programs, Lyndsey Rupp
  • Housing Coordinator, Renee Walker