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Serving and Leading to Minister to a World in Need

Taylor is best known for its distinctive campus culture and excellence in developing servant-leaders. It’s one of the hallmarks of the Taylor value proposition that draws students and supporters year after year. Every constituent we surveyed called this out as a key differentiator and institutional strength. Through measurable indicators in student learning, student engagement, and student development, we know that Taylor students are better prepared to serve and lead at the end of their four years on campus than their peers at other institutions. And yet servant-leadership, as informed by our Christian theology, has never been more needed—in the church, across the country, and around the world. For all these reasons, Taylor aspires to move from excellence to eminence in developing servant-leaders, equipping our students to meet the next generation of challenges and opportunities. We believe strongly in the importance of discipling them in the countercultural ways that Jesus called his followers to bless and serve those around them. Through this, our graduates will invariably be given numerous leadership opportunities. While some places may boast primarily about their graduates’ achievements and accomplishments, we will prize the ways Taylor students and alumni bless and serve their communities with a Christ-centered approach. We also aspire to be the leading Christian college for intercultural opportunities—by sending more of our students to study, serve, and work abroad and to bring more global and diverse students and leaders to study, work, and speak at Taylor on a regular basis.

We also endeavor to extend Taylor’s impact on the global church by launching a supporting organization that develops Christ-centered servant-leaders through conferences, symposia, peer networks, continuing education, and other intellectual resources that reach people beyond the traditional student body that form the core of Taylor’s raison d’etre. In so doing, we hope that even more people are prepared to minister Christ’s redemptive grace and truth to a world in need. The following outlines our strategic objectives.

Primary Components of Priority Pillar 6: Serving and Leading to Minister to a World in Need

Advance Our Distinctive

Virtually every Taylor constituent prizes the University’s distinctive campus culture and the critical role it plays in leadership development and spiritual formation. As a result, it makes sense for Taylor to build upon this “island of strength” and address areas for additional investment as we seek to further differentiate ourselves from other institutions within the competitive higher education marketplace.

Move from Excellence to Eminence in Developing Servant-Leaders

A set of specific and affordable initiatives will help elevate the formation of servant-leadership already underway at the University, expand the University’s work in this area, and strengthen a key institutional distinctive.

Invest in Athletics as a Catalyst for Character Development, School Spirit, and Undergraduate Enrollment Growth

We believe investments in athletic facilities and programs will make a significant difference in the recruiting success of our coaches, helping to grow our student body and make our teams more competitive. We also believe there are targeted, affordable options for expanding athletics and the character development that occurs through teams as well as strengthening school spirit that could help Taylor recruit a wider segment of students.

Equip Students to Spread the Gospel in a Pluralistic World

For 175 years, Taylor has been a place that has shown our students that Christ’s death and resurrection reconciles not only our relationship with God but with one another as well. We seek to make this timeless mission timely by measuring and improving key metrics related to spiritual growth and by finding ways to better prepare our students for productive engagement with challenging issues in and beyond the church so that Taylor students are ready to serve and lead.