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Improve our Campus and County with Entrepreneurial Energy

For 175 years, Taylor has been focused on ministering to a world in need. In recent years, one avenue for this ministry has involved the University’s catalyzing entrepreneurial interests among students and faculty in ways not seen before. Experiential learning in the sciences has included launching satellites in partnership with NASA, which has given rise to a new company that has launched over 500 satellite systems into space. Through 1846 Enterprises, the University supports new ventures in both the private and nonprofit sectors such as Inroads Analytics and Kershner Commons, LLC. Also, the annual “Shark Tank” program of the Calling and Career Office prepares teams of students to pitch their ideas to potential backers.

Alongside these ventures, Taylor has a long history of contributing to our local community. We seek the peace and the prosperity of our community because we want Taylor to thrive alongside of, not at the expense of, our local community. A recent community health initiative, spurred by philanthropy from the Lilly Endowment, has raised the attention of Taylor faculty, staff, and students to the health needs of Grant and Blackford counties. Creative partnerships with IU Health, among others, have created space for Taylor people to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors and friends through health coaching and wellness-education programs. 

Building upon our legacy and attending to newer developments that God has made possible, we aspire to harness the innovative and entrepreneurial energy of our campus to create a more robust ecosystem of care and development for our community. We will accomplish this through several related initiatives in Priority Pillar 4: Improve Our Campus and County with Entrepreneurial Energy.

Primary Components of Priority Pillar 4: Improve our Campus and County with Entrepreneurial Energy

Partner With the Local Community to Make It a More Attractive Place to Study, Live, and Work

In many ways, the success of our region and Taylor are intertwined. Investments in our local community will pay dividends in making this area an even more attractive home for our students and employees while also bringing significant benefits to the local community.

Invest in IT Infrastructure to Maximize Time and Resources at Taylor

Elements of technology at Taylor are aging, and several departments use software systems that do not align with one another. Multiple, dated systems require significant time and resources to remain operational. A strategic investment in this area has the potential to improve security, secure cost savings in the long run, and to streamline the work of many on campus.

Capitalize on a Unique Entrepreneurial Moment, Equipping Taylor Students to Not Only Seek Jobs but Also Create Them

There is clear entrepreneurial energy on campus, with multiple groups doing good work in this space. We believe the whole will be significantly greater than the sum of the parts. Growing interest on campus coincides with the priorities of the State of Indiana and a significant interest area for prospective students.

Invest in Key Facilities to Create an Inspiring Environment for Study and Work

Parents, students, alumni, faculty, and staff all noted the need for Taylor to make investments in aging infrastructure and facilities to provide a better experience and to remain competitive. We believe modest, targeted investments will make a significant difference.