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Developing and Investing in Our People

Among Christian colleges and universities, the loyalty of Taylor people is a key differentiator in what makes our university special. Faculty and staff are the essence of how we carry out our mission of developing servant-leaders. Over the next five years, Taylor aspires to become the strongest and most engaged Christian workplace within the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, as measured through surveys administered by the Best Christian Workplace Institute. As part of this, Taylor will invest time, resources, and energy to equip faculty and staff department chairs, as well as leaders across campus to become better managers. We also want to develop emerging leaders on campus and build career paths to keep faculty and staff colleagues engaged and excited about their futures at the University for many years. Finally, we want to model for other institutions how to develop and deepen servant-leadership, not only among students but also among faculty and staff year after year.

We want to be a place that attracts, develops, rewards, and retains a diverse and talented workforce that is deeply aligned with Taylor’s mission and foundational documents. We want our senior leaders and managers to demonstrate workplace best practices. And we desire to set the pace among Christian colleges and universities at onboarding, developing, and motivating faculty and staff. To these ends, we will invest in more robust communication and performance-management efforts so that our faculty and staff feel informed, inspired, and involved in the University’s future. The following outlines our strategic objectives for Priority Pillar 3: Developing and Investing in Our People.

Primary Components of Priority Pillar 3: Developing and Investing in Our People

Invest in the Next Generation of Taylor’s Leadership

We desire that, for any senior leader vacancy, there would be multiple qualified Taylor staff or faculty who would be viable candidates. A number of workforce initiatives will help us make progress towards this goal.

Make Taylor a Best Christian Workplace

Taylor’s workforce has always been among our greatest strengths, but we aspire to build a stronger and more supportive workforce culture.

Develop a Workforce That More Closely Reflects the Kingdom of God

We believe that growing the diversity of Taylor’s workforce is essential as we seek to serve the global church. It will pay dividends by adding to our ability to care well for all within our community, and that the University’s decisions will benefit from hearing diverse voices in our deliberations. We believe a set of strategies to increase the number of relationships with communities of color will help ensure success when we later create and implement specific protocols related to diverse representation in searches.

Effectively Develop and Motivate our People

Taylor will be participating in institutional and individual goalsetting amongst employees. We believe that implementing a regular goalsetting and performance review process, combined with realistic goals for increasing faculty and staff compensation, will make an important difference in elevating the engagement and motivation for Taylor’s talent.