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MAHE student has coffee with professor




Our campus will thrive as we widen the circle of learners we serve—from high school, to undergraduate, to graduate and professional students—and as we tell the Taylor story more effectively and in more places. Taylor’s experiential learning and compelling campus culture spark joy and enthusiasm among our students and alumni. As our campus thrives, we will be inspired to live, as John 10 describes, life to the full!


Our community will thrive as we develop and invest in our people and work to make Taylor and the surrounding community an even better place to live, work, and study. Taylor is a highly relational place where people selflessly support and encourage one another. As our community thrives, we will uplift one another and nurture the Christian ethos that makes our community so distinctive.


Our mission will thrive as we work hard to ensure the excellence of a Taylor education while making it more affordable, as well as seek to move from excellence to eminence in developing servant-leaders to minister to a world in need. We will remain unwavering in our Christ-centered mission; as it thrives, our graduates will be even better empowered to make a difference wherever God leads them.