A Christian Liberal Arts University, Est. 1846

Residence Life

Students live with Christian families during their four-month stay in Cuenca. The host families, which have applied to have a Taylor student, have gone through an application process and have been approved by Verbo Iglesia and Taylor University. Verbo, a dynamic evangelical church in Cuenca, is our partner in Cuenca and provides resources for the spiritual development and outreach of Taylor students during their time in Ecuador.

Families provide the daily meals for the student. Each day the student leaves for classes early in the morning and returns to the home for the “Lunch”, which is the major meal of the day. Students then return to classes in the afternoon and return home for the evening unless Taylor, the University, or the Church is providing activities. Normally, the evening meal is a smaller meal, but families have adapted to many of our students needs.

Transportation is provided by the family, hired bus, and public transportation. However, walking is popular with the students as the city has so many wonderful places.

Students have access to the Internet at the universities, Verbo Iglesia, and many coffee and mall locations. Many of the homes have high speed internet.

Communication in country is provided for by Taylor University. Each student has an Ecuador cell phone which provides instant communication between each other, with Taylor University staff in Cuenca, and for the student to be in contact with home.

Taylor and Verbo together provide leadership, management, and direct service provision for all student development aspects of the ESP. This includes assignment and monitoring of home stays, planning and implementation of in country educational travel, provide cultural and emotional support of students, engage with semester students in group settings and individually, and serve as communication liaison between semester students and the appropriate Verbo Church personnel, The Director of the ESP, the Away From Campus Office, and the Department of Student Development.