Spiritual Development

The spiritual development of our students is important to us. We encourage spiritual growth as an organic part of life together. Students and programs within our residence halls are specifically designated to develop, encourage and support spiritual growth. 

Discipleship Assistants and Coordinators work alongside our Residence Hall Directors and Assistant Hall Directors to nurture and strengthen the faith of students through small groups, wing and hall worship and other activities.

Discipleship Assistants (DAs) 

Students serving their floor or wing, living out their Christian faith through love and obedience. DAs are a vital part of our community, planning programs and activities and setting a godly example. Whether they are leading a wing Bible study or sharing a late night cup of coffee, DAs work to promote the spiritual health of our students through faithful service to others.

Small Groups

Organized for students by their wing or floor Discipleship Assistant, these groups encourage students to open up to each other and support and pray for, as well as hold each other accountable in their walks of faith. Small groups spend time praying, doing Bible studies and devotions, serving together and just hanging out, talking about life.

Men’s and Women’s Programming 

These groups meet students where they are through programs and honest conversations addressing real-life issues. Men's and Women's Programming cabinets, comprised of freshmen through seniors from all halls on campus, plan to discuss “hot topics” or just have more intimate, direct conversations in a safe environment. Some of these programs have included discussions on grief, sexual addiction, gender roles in the church and beauty.